WARMER MIXTAPES #280 | by Judson Rogers [Sumsun]

1. Great Beer | Electric Is The Night
Great Beer is my friend Tim. We used to live together in Tallahassee, Florida, and make music together all the time. We have been in bands before, recorded some punk music, rapped a lot, and just talked endlessly about music. But we listened to a TON of records. All of us in that house. We all were influencing each other a lot back then and I think we still do to this day. I had an early demo of this song but when Tim sent me the final version I flipped! It has been stuck in my head ever since. This song truly is the soundtrack of Fall 2010 for me.

2. Twin Sister | Lady Daydream
In South Florida there is a lot to do. It's just that everything is super spread out and since most of the shit to do is on the coast, it can get expensive quick. So we do a lot of hanging out in driveways and front yards instead of pricey bars. We listened to so much Twin Sister while drinking warm 16oz High Lifes this past year. Their music also reminds me of driving home from the club or going to the beach but we played that shit so hard every Monday for a while there. In September I got a chance to open for them in Tallahassee actually (they were awesome live) but after the show they went back to Great Beer's house where we were having a party. Super cool vibes.

3. Matthewdavid | All You'll Never Know
Matthewdavid just makes beautiful music. I am a huge fan. All You'll Never Know is one of the first songs he sent me when we started talking about me releasing music on his label, Leaving Records. This song has been radiating my bones for the past year and I don't see it stopping. This is electronic music that is ORGANIC and ALIVE. MD IS SUPER BOSS MAN...

4. Toro Y Moi | Talamak (Original Demo Version)
Don't get me wrong, I love Causers Of This and the final album version. That is another record we jammed hard in driveways. But the demo of Talamak has cosmic dust spread all over it. You hear the whole beat thing a lot heavier, more intense side-chain compress, and I personally prefer the more distorted Rhodes sounds. To this day this is my favorite Toro Y Moi song... Can't wait for that Les Sins album!

5. Gold Panda | Heaps
Gold Panda is one of my favorite artists hands down. His music is simple and beautiful. The beats hit hard but the melody floats above your head. I cant tell you how many mix CDs in my car have this song on them. For about 8 months there it was mandatory to have a Gold Panda song on any mix I made. I guess I have not gotten over that yet. But really if you listen to this music you will understand. It is organic and original, I feel like I can hear who the person is behind the song, or at least the emotions that he embedded.

6. Grimes | Rosa
It is super flat in Florida, which makes the roads super strait, the only hills are highway overpasses unless you get to North Florida. Driving down the road, going anywhere, dazing off going under the speed limit, this song is playing in my head. A near perfect pop song with or without the 80s vibes. But the production work does appeal to me very much.

7. The Ruby Suns | Two Humans
I dated a really awesome girl this past year and we listened to this album all the time. I remember one time I tried to take these old 80s portable speakers with us to the beach and I ended up battling with the damn things the whole time. They would not play any bass or mids, all you could hear were the high synths and the melody of the vocals. Well it turns out listening to it like that with the sound of the ocean in the background is not that bad, it's actually an amazing way to enjoy the album. Two Humans, specifically, has almost everything I look for in music, big bright synths, a heavy beat and it's also a wonderful pop song.

8. Off Balance Atlas | Blue (One For Joni)
Forrest is a really good friend of mine. He moved into my room when I moved out of Tallahassee. We are cosmically connected, musically and spiritually. He made Blue (One For Joni) when he was feeling down and I think the raw emotion comes through in the track. The song really does capture something unique and true. I have listened to it hundreds and hundreds of times but it still moves me every time I hear it. Off Balance Atlas makes amazing music that is organic, electronic, and spiritual. Heavy beats and meditation shit. I really love his vibes/persona/radness.

9. Washed Out | Feel It All Around
I think everyone has at least one amazing story about a time they were listening to this song. I have too many, I really think when I hear this song later in life it will bring me back to 2009/10 every time.

10. Run DMT | Spruce Bringsteen
I don't know why but this song has just implanted itself in my head. All my friends know it word for word because I listen to it so much. I remember I was at a bar a while ago where my buddy was DJing. I was talking to someone and my friend played this song, I jumped up on a couch and yelled I LOVE THIS SONG! and went back to the conversation without even noticing. It just is something beautiful and short. Reminds me of the perfect day. Last spring I played at a DIY festival called Total Bummer. I opened for Run, we played in the back of this little bike shop off a few blocks away from the main venue, the setting was intimate to say the least. Run played his whole show solo and then he played Spruce Bringsteen last with a full backing band. After being blissed out of my mind Run announced yeah, we have never played this song together before!... It was an amazing thing to see.