1. Klaus Nomi | Keys Of Life
In dwelling upon my physical manifestations, I'll enter into a meditative state to assume a greater more transmuted celestial form. I can then ruminate upon my earthly creations and govern over my multitude of physical forms - silencing the white noise. Keys Of Life has been symbolic for this practice of mine - seeming to be my more dynamic form of self-introspection.

2. Rudimentary Peni | Gentlemen Prefer Blood
I smell flesh! We must dine! proclaimed the Hara-Kiri King. The theme song to thy viking quest into the unknown, reminiscent of sin and pride. Envision a grand hall of ruthless barbarian, tearing at the bone of one another in sacrilegious medieval blood orgy. Queens faint at the sight, the blasphemy! Fire, fire, burn it down! Fire, fire, to the ground! Halt this unholy calamity! This is sodomy in the 69th degree!

3. Bethlehem | Schuld Uns'res Knöch'rigen Faltpferd
The epitome of manick vision. The universe on high, mutinous and mean; consciousness at speeds only measured in light. A utopian ecstasy expressed by the most dystopian of means. And there is I, the acid witch, racing against time, fully masked in flame, only to look back for a quarter-second to see a village worth of citizen chasing me with pitchfork and disgruntled teeth. I lunge off the cliff with a grin so wide, not even God could fathom. I land after falling 50,000 miles downwards and walk away unscratched.

4. Kate Bush | Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
The polar decline. When every remaining pleasure is salvaged from the manick so wretched. The suicide king's private train constructed of only bone, traveling at speeds of over 300 miles per hour, becomes derailed and halted by desolation's ever so great and indestructible wall. This period of time may be the most spiritual of all, for God is seen - weak and feeble.

5. Soft Cell | Sex Dwarf
The boudoir's heavenly praise song. Modern America has distorted what is true love, twisting it into all that is queer. Man devotes his life to woman? Faggotry. Only shall we practice what has been perfect by the Ancient Greco-Roman: orgy, fetish, obsession, and lusting desire. Sex is the sacred song of the soul; sex is the sanctuary of self.

6. Nina Hagen | I Love Paul
The mad man's vision isn't as brooding as typically perceived. For he sees what the human does not: a universe of ecstasy and hallucination, a circus of aberration and amusement. Tis a fun house with exploit and heresy lurking around every corner. Only the sick, only the mad could ever be granted these goggles so manick, so holy.

7. Dandi Wind | Mafu Cage
I have resided in desolate location for all of my life - away from human and society. Being very young at the time, six or seven years of age, my location had manipulated my perception on what the common person was modeled to be. For whatever the reason may have been, I was for certain that people born with ears and toes were freaks. I did whatever I could to rid myself of these features. Eventually I took a saw and dropped it on my toes. The song is a good representation of my apotemnophiliac-like derangement then.

8. Alien Sex Fiend | Here Cum Germs
Amidst my childhood frolic and mutilation, I was blessed with O.C.D. as well. I did everything in sets of 3's, 5's, and 10's. Each movement was mimicked 3, 6, or 10 fold. Whether it be dressing myself five times in a row or taking two more steps walking because you didn't land on that specific number, you had to do it or you'd have an anxiety attack. The germs are metaphor for that type of paranoia.

9. Krucifix Klan | Mask On My Face (Chopped & Screwed)
I used to be so terrified of people that I'd just stay inside and not leave the house; I'd read or write letters to myself most of the time. Not only did I hate looking at people but I hated looking at myself, I'd turn away from mirrors and wear masks to forget what I looked like. I was obsessed with space and felt that I had been born on the wrong planet. I found an old school assignment from back then, just the other day. I guess we were told to draw what we wanted to grow up to be. I drew a stick-figured version of me on The Moon with the words in the top right corner: I wunt to be a astronat so I can go bac home.

10. The Coasters | Down In Mexico
I have seen a distant island far beyond what is good and evil. I have bathed in queen's blood and have tasted Aphrodite's honey. God did not grant me this soul for it has been birthed by an entity far more powerful, myself. It is not up to me, for I do not have the ability to define what is mad. I have not found paradise for it has been here the whole time. I have not seen stars for I am within them. Though I have tasted love for I have drowned myself in ecstasy.