WARMER MIXTAPES #383 | by Mikhaylo Vityk [Vakula/Vedagor/Vedomir/Rocco Siffredi]

1. Steve Reich | Music For 18 Musician
It's the only music which can't bother you during a walk in a forest. It's a nice addition to the nature around.

2. The Orb | Orbus Terrarum
The music of my youngster years. It's like a fairy-tale. And I think they were also influenced by Steve Reich.

3. David Axelrod
I can't choose any of composition of this genius, all his compositions are good.

4. Yusef Lateef | The Plum Blossom
When I feel sad, I listen to this music. It makes me relaxed and take my sadness away. I say good-buy to it and hello to harmony.

5. Moondog
Maybe and I am laughing, Down Is Up and I am crying, Organ Rounds and I am in a thoughtful mood. I can't miss this musician and super beatmaker. I compare his works with Theo Parrish: it has the same perception. I think that Moondog and Theo Parrish feel the world with the same rhythm.

6. Theo Parrish | Sweet Sticky
He is a father and inspirer of many House producers and DJs. мурашки по коже от этого трека, уже который год. супер-танцевальная музыка для меня!

7. Terrence Dixon | Emergency
Fantastic Techno, it's Retrofuturism. I love this Techno producer and recommend to all of you.

9. Joaquin Joe Claussell meets Manuel Göttsching | Ain't No Time For Tears
You can't stop dancing listening to it!

10. Santana | Aqua Marine
The soul is singing while heart is crying!

+11. John Abercrombie | Timeless
I won't say nothing about it, you just have to listen to.

+12. Nacho Patrol | Mind World
Afro-mode and one of my favorite tracks which I add to every of my dj-set.

+13. J Dilla | Front Street
It's nice to walk under the Sun with this music.