WARMER MIXTAPES #384 | by Jeremy Glenn

To preface this list I will say that many of these songs are not new, nor are the bands.
Also, the order of these songs isn't favorite to least favorite, just what came to mind as I was coming up with the list.
This is a collection of music, musicians/producers or albums that have had a great impact on my sound in the last while.
Music DJing tends to focus on what's new all the time so I think it's tough to take the time to really get into albums or songs as much as I think people should. That being said, there are so many amazing new producers coming out every day, who knows what sound I will gravitate towards next?
You'll see the word classic stick out quite a bit and that to me is what tends to resonate most for great music;
those perfect nostalgic elements, sometimes played with new sounds but often re-crafted to form a fantastic new son. Enough intro then... To the list!

1. Twin Shadow | When We're Dancing
This is a bit older now but to me, this album will always be a classic. I bought it on vinyl specifically because I think it's so special. I doubt I will tire of it. Twin Shadow has put together what I consider the quintessential collection of musical nostalgia both lyrically and instrumentally. This song in particular conjures up those awkward and special moments from middle and high school dances. This song is a regular in my INSTINCT sets.

2. DaKOTA | Double Party
And System Memory... DaKOTA is a fellow Torontonian and the man behind the New Life video. He has an excellent skill for picking great found footage for his productions to enhance the music. His edits and cuts work in beautiful synergy. Double Party not only has a sick video but it's a great party jam that brings in a disgustingly raw bass line over a hypnotic percussive rhythm. To me, so much of what is great about DaKOTA is his ability to match the mood of that music with the perfect visual accompaniment; to that end, System Memory also hit's the needle on the groove so to speak. Just watch, words don't do justice when music and video can say much more.

3. Hercules & Love Affair | My House (Tensnake Remix)
Tensnake was by far my favorite Dance Music producer of 2010 and he continues to impress me. When I first heard Congolal and Holding Back (My Love), I was hooked. He's great at filling in the rhythmic spaces and putting in just the right sound at the right moment. You can really hear his influences in his productions and I know we share some common ground there. I was fortunate enough to play with him when he came to Toronto and we shared a nice moment when I played Plane Love by Jeffrey Osborne; it's great to share that common excitement from music with someone you respect so highly. I also love that he's brought back that Classic 90's House sound into his repertoire as this remix does. Herc & LA killed it with the original but Marco's picked the perfect happy chords to match the dope groove. Reminds me of stuff I was playing when I first DJed house; just sit back and ride an amazing groove...

4. Classixx | Into The Valley (Julio Bashmore Remix)
Just got a promo copy of this. Not sure when it's out but everyone should get it. It's a great mix between Classic Garage House vocals and keys and nice techy sounds to strike an excellent balance. My house roots are very much rooted in Garage and more techy Detroit stuff so I love this track. It's also just so reminiscent of a lot of the early Rave/Acid House style that I'm loving right now. Perfect for summer dancing. To me, it's like we're back in 1989 again; I'm so excited for summer. Classixx have been putting together such strong, and deceivingly simple composition. To me, they're almost like the minimalist disco kings.

5. Beach House | Norway
Again, yes this isn't new but the song and the rest of Teen Dream album have made their way into regular rotation for my Yoga practice. Victoria Legrand's haunting voice takes me to a deep and intimate moment in some far way land. It's dreamy and mysterious and epic all at once and evokes a kind of proud strength within me; don't ask me why.

6. Azari & III | Indigo (Dub)
Repping Toronto right; AZ & III have such a great talent for finding the most hypnotic, classic sounds. I love the original version of Indigo but the Dub takes you through every sound of the original in a new way. I love how so many of their songs or remixes never settle on one musical theme. You almost always get at least two songs in one and usually more. In a word, jackin'.

7. Jeremy Glenn | New Life (Alex Barck Remix)
Okay, an obviously blatant plug but seriously, Alex and the Jazzanova crew were hugely influential to my production education. They have a knack for using samples in such a unique and imaginative way. I still remember dancing to their Ian Pooley remix over and over again at DV8 in London when I was at school. I love how Alex has taken the elements of this song and remixed them together. The song conjures up sunny days in the park, the laughter of children, bike rides and all those cool Summer things. It's a more groovy version of the song and I'm so thrilled to have Alex's hand working on my music.

8. San Soda | Doorsnee
We Play House do house proper; I think San Soda's a great example of this. When I first heard this song, it took me back to when I first played house (odd no?) in London, ON. with my friend AndyCapp at a club called DV8. It was late 90's/early 2000's and the sound was largely based around Jazz and 70's Disco samples. Doorsnee samples neither but the sound is so sample-y even though there only appears to be one vocal sample. But the other elements that comprise the song are just perfect together working in a fantastic shifting of time signatures; House for sure but almost more like Techno in that way. Super hypnotic and catchy, I really love how San Soda arranges his music to only keep the best elements.

9. My Friend Wallis | Be Free
Hellooooooo Summer! Sunny, shiney, Afro-Indie Dance. Thanks again to DaKOTA for introducing me to this band. A simple, unapolagetic vocal with those great Senegalese style guitar riffs. This will be part of the soundtrack to my Summer. Also, another Yoga standard these days. For sunny days, this is the stuff. I love African music, having first got a taste via Paul Simon's Graceland (a quick nod here to Todd Terje's edit) and then later to Fela and his contemporaries and it's stuck with me. The guitar riffs are what do it for me most times; so melodic. Partner that up with the strong down beat and jumping bassline and you have dance gold.

10. Mario Basanov | Do You Remember
I became aware of Mario's music through Future Classic (plug anyone?) but this song I just fell in love with. Both the original and the Arithmatix version stick to that epic lead line played over the classic Italo-styled arpeggiated bass line. Plus that guitar line! It took me back to being in the car on my way to grade school listening to Is This Love by Whitesnake; such painful sorrow for a heartbroken grade schooler; dramatic yes, but I was fairly emotional as a child (much hasn't changed). It also reminded me of Canadian icon musician Gino Vanelli's Hurts To Be In Love, which is why my I decided to make it over w/ MAKEOVER bandmate Rod Skimmins. I was thrilled when we sent the final version to Mario and he liked it; we're subsequently working on something now. Mario has a great gift for composition and again finding the right set of sounds to compliment each other. The dance music jewel of Lithuania!