WARMER MIXTAPES #418 | by Raffaele Elio Zompicchiatti [Arkatronix] and Lukas Raab [Luke Rave] of Electronic Deer

SIDE A | by Lukas Raab

1. Kap Bambino | Batcaves
Bang Bang Bang! Yeah you know it's Kap Bambino! I love every song of em! Caroline is my biggest inspiration so far.

2. Tearist | Headless
Crazy bitch hits innocent metal things, you can't resist!

3. CREEP | Days
I love Romy's voice and with the melancholic electronic tunes of Lauren & Lauren is it just plain epic!

4. The xx | Basic Space (Pariah Remix)
This remix and the corresponding person: with you it's just more than words can say!

5. Foals | Spanish Sahara
This song doesn't require a description if you're standing on a boat bridge in the rain and the wind brushes your hair.

6. Cut Copy | Hearts On Fire
There's something in the air tonight, a feeling that you have that could change your life... I think this sentence describes the song the best.

7. Crystal Castles | Not In Love (feat. Robert Smith)
I don't like to think about this song, it always makes me sad but I just love Crystal Castles.

8. Phoenix | Lisztomania (Classixx Remix)
This remix always makes me wanna dance very slowly and space out.

9. MEN | Credit Card Babie$
A girl with a schnauz on stage, wearing a paper house on her head saying Fick deine freunde!, oh she's absolutely right, fuck your friends!

10. The Whitest Boy Alive | Intentions
Sunday morning, orange juice, croissants, love

+11. Fever Ray | When I Grow Up
Feathers in the hair, love and peace and dancing around a camp fire (yeah, I'm a hippie!)...

SIDE B | by Raffaele Elio Zompicchiatti

1. Boys Noize | & Down
This track actually made me concentrate more on producing Electro(nic) music instead of all the other things I did (including a Thrash Metal band). Boys Noize is still my No. 1!

2. Bosse | Weit Weg
I've always been a person who wants to be free, to roam free where ever I want. I love to travel and this song definitely fuels my longing to travel!

3. Daft Punk | Something About Us
This track reeks of love and broken hearts, nuff said. Oh yeah, and, I like those bass'n'keys.

4. Cerrone | Supernature
Classic! A tune to space out to! Pure 70s earporn! Nice listening to it during a midnight car drive.

5. Hurts | Wonderful Life
See 3 times 2. Except: Love everything about this tune!

6. Kap Bambino | Intimacy
Something about Normandie and moshpits! Love it!

7. We Love Machines | Android Lover
Two friends of mine created this masterpiece. It combines head bangerism and melodic overdrive!

8. Aerotronic | Sex & Cigarettes (Waxdolls Remix)
Yes, Please! BÄM BÄM BÄM BÄM! (can you see my head move?)((keep the pun))

9. Jan Hammer | Crockett's Theme
Pure 80s love, or, wearing white suits and walking under Miami Sun, who could say no to that?
My inspiration for FM and other 80s sounds!

10. The Sisters Of Mercy | Lucretia My Reflection
Who'd have thought that a simple bassline and Doktor Avalanche could rock that much? Of course is Andrew's voice a big plus! Always reminds me of my youth.

+11. Röyksopp | Remind Me (Someone's Elses Remix)
When it came out in the early 2000s I absolutely dug the somehow psychedelic tune combined with the epic music video. I think that was the first time I heard about Röyksopp and I've been loving them ever since. They are a great inspiration for me when it comes to melodic stuff!