WARMER MIXTAPES #428 | by James Curd [Greenskeepers]

1. Del The Funky Homosapien | Burnt (feat. Hieroglyphics)
I first heard this song in a skate video for Mike Carroll's part. My friends and I would drive downtown to skate the city and this was one of the songs that we couldn't get enough of. My friend Scott had it on a mix tape (for real cassette tape) and refused to make any of us a copy. We decided the only thing to do was to pick a fight with him when we where getting close to his house in hopes he would jump out of the car and forget to take the tape with him. It worked and we all dubbed a copy!

2. Chez Damier & Stacey Pullen | Forever (Mix 1)
This is a Chicago loft party classic. I was only around 16 years old when I was spending hours at the record shop looking for a copy. I spent months searching and was never able to find it. Then one night a DJ named Diz played it at a party. When he was finished playing I asked him to sell me the record on the spot for all the money I had in my pocket. He laughed and asked me how much I had and I think it was around 40 bucks. He said that he liked my attitude and gave me the record for free. That was the first night of Diz and I's long friendship.

3. LCD Soundsystem | Losing My Edge
I used to live in Paris for three months of every year in my early twenties. My friend Romain used to dig and dig for the most obscure Disco records at flee markets and record shops. His living room was four walls of records from floor to ceiling. He played me this song and said that this was the best new song and everything was going to be changed by it. He was right.

4. Pailhead | I Will Refuse
Going out in Chicago in the 90's was really a special time. I don't want to sound old and talk about how things where better in my day but there is no comparison. I used to go to a club called Medusa's and it was full of every type of person you could think of. White, black, Puerto Rican, gay, straight, punk, house it was anything goes. The feeling was indescribable when this song came on. All the punks would rush the dance floor and mosh and go mental. The best part was everyone else joined right in with them.

5. Yellow Magic Orchestra | Tong Poo
I love this song and YMO in general. I always knew Computer Games but didn't listen in depth to their entire catalog. On a drive from the Tokyo airport to my hotel my friend Daiskie played the ultimate collection of the band about two times though (Tokyo Traffic) and it became my theme music for my travels in Asia. When I wrapped up the tour in Australia I started my set with this song and was the perfect start to one of my best experiences as a DJ ever. There where Synth Disco bands before and after YMO but to me they did it best.

6. Tommy Guerrero | Flux And Meter
Tommy Guerrero was already a child hood hero to me as a pro skater in Bones Brigade. I bought this CD in a small Paris record shop and it became my theme song for my summer there. Whenever I hear this song I feel like I'm from San Francisco. I know it's strange being from Chicago and living in Paris but feeling like I was from San Francisco but maybe there was another version of me running around Market Street and buying prints from Future Primitive.

7. Romanthony | The Wanderer
One of my favorite Chicago house songs and still makes rare appearances in my sets. At my first DJ gig when I was 15 years old I played at a festival. I got to the tent I was playing at and it was empty which I was kind of ok with because I was nervous to play. I pulled out The Wanderer as my first song and the tent was packed to the gills before the song was finished. Thanks to Romanthony for making a great song and giving me a career.

8. Womack & Womack | Baby I'm Scared Of You
I first heard this song as an edit so it was speed up. My favorite part was the back and forth between the man and the woman. The song builds up to that part and I used to sing along to it. I was all wrong and thought the female vocal was saying I'm Feeling Bored and was pretty embarrassed when I was corrected on the spot... It's I Need A Little More. Could have happened to anybody!

9. Locussolus | I Want It (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix)
Such a great song. I have always been a fan of DJ Harvey and his productions. It's a song that is the perfect combination of live and electronic dance music. I'm also a big fan of Lindstrøm and have enjoyed watching his music grow from some of the first songs he released early in his career on my label G-Swing!

10. Electric Light Orchestra | Mr. Blue Sky
Hard to be in a bad mood after listening to this song. It's a bit like a math problem as well. Just for fun I have played along a few times and it's not easy! I saw Mayer Hawthorn cover it live and I felt happy not only that he was singing the song but it felt like we had something in common in the fact that we both love Mr. Blue Sky!