WARMER MIXTAPES #441 | by Blake Robin [Baron von Luxxury]

1. Soft Metals | Psychic Driving
This song hasn't left my head for days. I love the angular synth stabs over the pedaling bass line, while Patricia's dreamy voice weaves a crystalline path in the sky overhead.

Psychemagik | Valley Of Paradise
I found this track on AOR Disco and it instantly jumped out at me as a standout piece of work. A gorgeous, nine minute reworking of a fully harmonized David Crosby track, it's an interesting creative object: part remix, part re-edit, part wholly original composition.

3. Wire | The 15th
This came on at The Echo the other night after my friend Vice Cooler's set. I love when simple vocal melodies wind and meander over surprising chord changes. There's a live version of this track on YouTube where they add a rhythmic figure in the verses and a gruff vocal delivery that gives the song an extra edge.

Metronony | The Bay
Totes my 2011 summer jam. I'm really into using just a few weird sounds in an otherwise normal Pop context, which this song does in a few places. And understated sardonic lyrics are the way to my heart.

S├ębastien Tellier | Kilometer
This came on the other night at the bar in Silver Lake where I live and I felt like someone just made love to my ears without asking me first. So dirty and beautiful, it makes me wish I were French so I could get away with that Gallic Gainsbourgian combination, which just comes across as sleazy in the US.

The Alan Parsons Project | Eye In The Sky
Kinda makes me cry. I fought nostalgia and nostalgia won.

Glass Candy | Warm In The Winter
This song just came out 5 days ago but it's already in my top 10 for the year. I'm such a giddy schoolgirl about this band, which is why I spent nine months working on a remix for them a little while back. I sorta wish they didn't nick the chords from Where The Streets Have No Name but I will forgive them.

Chicago | If You Leave Me Now
You'd have to be an asshole not to sing along with the ooooooo part. And I am not an asshole.

John Maus | Believer
So glad goth vocals are back. Love how the tingly synths just float in space, unthethered by any rational sense of sonic balance. Just make everything loud!

Elvis Presley | (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
Sixty years old but still sexy and playful. Like Helen Mirren.

Austra | Spellwork (Baron von Luxxury Remix)
I'm really proud of how this turned out, melancholy and cathedral-like. Actually I'd love to DJ it at Notre Dame in Paris. Anyone know the booker?