WARMER MIXTAPES #442 | by Anton Klint of Tiedye

1. Minor Threat | Straight Edge
This tune shaped my childhood and youth. I consider Minor Threat my favorite band still.

2. Mud | Mr. Bagatelle
This 7" b-side just has the most beautiful relieving message!

3. Cliff Richard | Ease Along
One of my passions is to find great tracks with artists who usually sucks. This is one of the better examples. Can't stand Cliff Richard but this tune turned into one of my all time faces.

4. Rachel Sweet | It's So Different Here
Just a beautiful Pop track with a nice backbeat, and Rachel's voice is just amazing.

5. Gene Chandler | Does She Have A Friend?
The lyrics is so naive and self-revealing and it just suits this beautiful Soul tune perfect.

6. Mr. Fingers | Washing Machine
One of my favorite Acid tunes. Twisted on the border to annoying but still amazing.

7. J.O.B. Orquestra | Govinda
I'm not a big fan of organized religion, so even tough this tune refers to Govinda, it has such a great vibe and wonderful harmonies I couldn't take it of the list.

8. Automatic Man | Newspapers
Great Proggy slowburner.

9. Bobby Moore | (Call Me Your) Anything Man (Disco Version)
The voice of Bobby Moore give me goosebumps in a second. The Disco version, made by Tom Moulton is pretty similar to the original, but with another drive to it, which does it!

10. David Crosby | Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves)
This whole album is fantastic, but the Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves) just has been a favorite for many many years. To me it describes the feeling of there will be a brighter future ahead.