WARMER MIXTAPES #460 | by Thomas Schoolcraft [Schoolcraft]

1. Trentemøller | In Progress
I'm confident that this man is the Mozart of the 2000's. In Progress is one of the most well-produced, emotional, groovy, just all-around mind-blowing tracks I've been blessed enough to listen to. Every single second of this song is vividly beautiful and tremendously intelligent. I'm having a hard time thinking up more adjectives to describe this track, really. I'm not even gonna keep typing. Just listen to it. Trentemøller is a higher being.

2. Art Of Noise | Moments In Love (Quiet Storm Version)
Old but gold. It leaves me breathless every single time. A lot of people think of this song as something to have sex to, and while I agree that that might be the best idea ever, it doesn't have to be a sex song. It's an ode to love, not to sex. The Sun's setting outside my window as I listen to this track for the 3174823th time in my life, and it reminds me of how much I adore my closest and most cherished friends. What it doesn't do is make me start jacking off.

3. Tycho | Brother
Tycho is another humongous influence for me. I want to go out and spend $10,000 on some dusty vintage modular synth... Because that dirty analog sound is gorgeous. He makes the dreamiest music in the World. I'm a huge insomniac, and Tycho is usually a requirement for me to achieve sleep. Brother is one of my favorites. It's an excellent soundscape... It reminds me of being inside on a rainy, dreary day, and the TV's on, and the volume is low, and you're not really watching it, because you're too sleepy. You might be looking out the window and seeing how the droplets distort the streetlights in all sorts of beautiful patterns. You might start thinking about how much you miss someone.

4. Kaiori Breathe & Tripwire | The Shortest Distance Between Two Hearts
Kaiori Breathe makes some absolutely heavenly music. He's another huge influence for me... Everything he makes is so honest and emotional. This track that he did along with Tripwire is a HUGE favorite. It's got beautiful glass bell sounds and soft, warm echo-y melodies that are delicately beautiful. It sort of reminds me of a porcelain doll.

5. Sazon Booya | La Arana Negra (feat. Amy Douglas)
I absolutely ADORE the Moombahton movement. I've always thought that dirty Dutch and Reggaeton would go well together... It makes so much sense. La Arana Negra is one of the sexiest things in the Universe. I'm a sucker for vintage drums, which Sazon Booya use on the kick and dembow. The buildups and sirens are CRAZY, and most importantly, it's got that dirty groove that just makes people want to take their clothes off.

6. Cosmic Belt | Do You Feel Alright (feat. Ella Story) (Breakbeat Dub)
Cosmic Belt is so underrated that it's a tragedy. This track makes me feel like I can fly. It's got an excellent 90's Funk Break groove to it, which works so well on top of everything else. The melodies and echoes throughout the entire track (especially in the last two minutes) are just plain magic. This track really reminds me why I love Music so much... It's a six minute, twenty second journey that has been just as fun as I type this as it was all those years ago when I first heard it.

7. Bibio | The Ephemeral Bluebell
Bibio is one of my favorite musicians in the World. I value originality, and this track has it in spades. Like Mr. Sunshine, The Ephemeral Bluebell brilliantly mixes Folk and Electronica... Which aren't easy genres to combine at all. Not only is Bibio skillful in his production - he's also a poet. This track breathes. It's just gorgeous... It invokes so many warm emotions in me. It's lovely. I can't even describe it... It's just lovely.

8. Laszlo | Mr Sunshine
Mr. Sunshine was one of my anthems for this past summer. Within two seconds, I can't help but smile wide. This is one of the happiest songs ever made. The instruments used throughout the track are wonderful - the riff at the beginning of the track is gorgeous, the way you can hear the plucks and twangs of the guitar... It feels fresh and organic. It's a feeling that isn't usually present in Electronic music. The way Laszlo mixes the worlds of Electronic and Folk is absolutely flawless.

9. Uppermost | Funk
A lot of people hate on Uppermost and say he sounds too similar to pre-famous Deadmau5. The influence is certainly there, but I feel like Uppermost took the House Deadmau5 built and made it into a skyscraper. Uppermost's grooves are so forward-thinking and creative... It sometimes takes me up to 20 minutes to listen to an Uppermost track, because I'm constantly rewinding to listen to things I just can't believe I heard. Funk is just one example. It's got another mind-blowing groove once every 16 bars or so. I just can't help but smile every time I hear the voice You want it more exciting?! because I just don't believe that it actually does get more exciting.

10. Sulto | Banega
This is one of the most ingenious tracks I've heard. There are absolutely breathtaking Progressive House builds and sweeps mixed with sexy and subtle dirty Dutch bits. The final drop is absolutely perfect in every way - it's not overdone, and it's not underdone. It hits the sweet spot more so than almost any other House drop I've heard. It's perfect. And it's so thrilling; it just makes me want to jump up and kiss everyone around me. I've been working with Sulto for a while, and he's a genius and a huge influence for me.