WARMER MIXTAPES #461 | by Carl Miller

1. Madvillain | All Caps
This was the first song I heard that made me want to make music. I heard it on one of Adult Swim's bumps and was automatically hooked. When I heard this shit, I was still listening to shit like Dipset and Ghostface Killah and had no idea who MF DOOM was. So all I could do was enter the first few lyrics of the song into Google search. Shit changed my life on real serious note. He's easily the greatest rapper of all-time and give a fuck how you fell bout it. No disrespect to the homie Jesus but I find myself thinking... What Would DOOM Do?

2. Jaylib | The Mission (Stringed Out Remix)
One of my favorite songs of all-time. It has such a classic tone to it and is fucking amazing to me. Shit is fucking beautiful. (And if you know me I don't use that word a lot) Like I'm not a suicidal person or anything but when I die I seriously want this to be played at my funeral. I put it in my will, but I don't think my mom would let me play Dilla in the church... But fuck it!

3. Earl Sweatshirt | Kill
This is the first song I heard from the Odd Future Collective. I heard this shit back in April of last year thanks to the homie Joe Moresi a.k.a Plaens. This song is tight as fuck to me and is easily one of the dopest joints I've ever heard. The beat is tight as shit and I've never heard lyrics like that from a kid. I was so used to hearing kids my age rapping about getting drunk and smoking weed so Earl blew my mind with this joint. I heard it when I was 17 and Earl was 15/16 so I was fucking amazed a kid younger than me could come up with lyrics like that. This specific song inspires me only because he's younger than me and could kill me lyrically anytime. Shit gives me incentive to make the best music possible.

4. James Pants | Shower Party
This song is tight on so many levels. The chord progression is crazy and I can listen to this all day if I could. This was my first encounter with James Pants, I heard it back in 2009 and I've been a huge fan of his ever since. One thing about this track is that is has this random ass sample of a dude cussing for no apparent reason. People might find this part of the song annoying or distracting, but I think it makes the song greater than it already is. When this shit plays I visualize a demented scientist playing a Casio keyboard and just screaming at the top of his lungs SON OF A BITCH! while lighting erupts behind him and he starts laughing like he's been inhaling laughing gas.

5. Toony TuneS | Zodiaction
This is one of those tracks that just puts you in a sick ass mood. When ever I hear this I feel like I'm a commander of a intergalactic journey to a planet full of Dominican bitches. I literally heard this shit by accident on YouTube. I pressed a wrong button and this shit popped up but I'm happy as fuck it did. Not only is the beat amazing but the lyrics are ridiculous. The flow is addicting and I dig how he's able to spit gritty ass lyrics with a somewhat sarcastic/funny approach. Uzi did the drums, we bout to get the funds. Megan Good has some really big thumbs...

6. Tyler, The Creator | French!
There's nothing better than a song that makes you want to fight. Everytime this shit gets played I ball my fist up and yell got all the black bitches mad cause my main bitch vanilla... Shit gets me so hype and I can't stand in one spot when I hear it. The way Tyler is blowing up I won't be surprised to hear this being played at NFL stadiums very soon. O, no, Mr. Stokes I don't like misters no. Don't tell R. Kelly where my little sister go...

7. Das Racist | Nutmeg
One of my favorite rap groups, not only right now but of all time. A lot of people like to look at them as sometype of gimmeck/jokey rap group but these kats can rhyme and this is a great example of that. The component that makes this song so tight is how the flow and rhyme off of word association. Half of the lines are witty as fuck while the other half you have to Google just to fucking understand all the references that they spit out. Shit is amazing to me but the original is amazing as well. Ghostface kills this shit and this is easily one of the dopest raps RZA has ever spit. Pass the crack to a niggarette, puff a looseleaf cigarette while your man search the internet for Bob Digitech. In Stereo, crazy as Shapiro multiply myself ten times standing next to zero. And snap my fingers like the Fonz and bag me a golden bronze skinned girl with the honey blonde, dip hair. Make a nigga flip in his chair, had the armpit shaved off perfect with the Nair. Stomach flat as a pancake for her man's sake. Used to fuck her when she menstruate, but it made her hyperventilate...

8. Flying Lotus | Sangria Spin Cycles
It's Flying Lotus... I don't really have anything else to say.

9. Sir Michael Rocks | Stop The Show (feat. Boldy James & Payroll Of DBCO)
The beat is addicting and the flow of the song is dope as fuck. Been a huge fan of Mickey and The Cool Kids but haven't been a fan of Boldy James until I heard Gettin Flicked on the Tacklebox tape. Boldy is sick as fuck and I've been trying listen to all his songs as of lately. Real shit tho the guy Payroll who raps at the end of the record is decent or whatever, but they really should have cut his ass out and let Boldy get another verse. CON-CREATERS!

10. Lil B | I Think I'm Based God
Word around town Based God bought a bitch today... Lil B is tight, I don't care what anybody says. His music is fun as fuck to listen to and it's entertaining as shit. His lyrics may not be like Nas but I'd rather hear an ignorant/irate tirade than listen to a dull ass J. Cole album. WOO WOO SWAG!

+11. Toony TuneS & Mr. Mockwell | CSOD
Song is absolutely amazing to me. It gets me hyped as fuck and just makes me want to punch an infant. Toony kills it on the rhymes as always, dude is one of my favorite rappers right now (right next to Danny Brown). But let's not forget the homie Mr. Mockwell who made this ridiculous eeriee/spooky/crunk type of beat. I have no idea how he came up with it but it's tight as fuck. O, yea, and Mr. Mockwell is only 15... Yea, I just blew your mind like Abraham Lincoln. Take that you old fucks. Mockwell is the future.

+12. Charles Hamilton | The N Word
Charles Hamilton is one of my favorites and I'm glad he's finally back at rapping. Honestly, lyrically I've heard better songs from him, but the beat is a fucking classic. He samples Mr. Rogers, for God's sake, how can you not love Sonic the Hamilton?