WARMER MIXTAPES #463 | by Jens Duvsjö [Duvchi]

Photo by Philippa Björnbom.

1. John Lennon | Mother

I sang this song a lot as a young one. There is no doubt it has had a therapeutic effect on me, and on John Lennon, of course. I can barely listen to it without a tear in my eye. An outrageously beautiful song.

2. Philip Glass | Spaceship
I was rushing to get to the studio on time, once I got there, one very special lady played me this song. That first time with this song and that lady was one of the absolute top 3 experiences of my life, so far.

3. Donovan | Get Thy Bearings
It was 2006, and no matter what, I was gonna create music, which is nearly all I need. This song helped out, it's such a huge track but with a calm/smoked approach.

4. Mobb Deep | The Learning (Burn)
Me and my musical fwends all sampled this snare that is left alone in the beginning of this track. Know why? Cos it's the best snare in the World.

5. Michael Jackson | Human Nature
The mood of Human Nature, aaah, it's an amazingly well balanced production. Michael was alone in the largest city in the World, singing the official post-sex-calm-song.

6. George Harrison | I'd Have You Anytime
The chord progression is remarkable. If someone ever wanted to be let inside another person's heart, this is the exact melody to sing.

7. J Dilla | No One Knows
Now, Dilla did not produce this particular song, but with his high understanding of music, he was a brilliant rapper too. When Dilla passed on, me and my Swedish beatmaking friends met to share our thoughts and to make a beat in his honor.

8. Paul McCartney | Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
Paul McCartney is a beast!! No kidding around, this song among many is like a respirator to me, musically.

9. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky | Symphony No. 4 (2nd Movement)
As I understand it, Tchaikovsky was miserable. The first time I heard this was on a early and deeply unsatisfying morning. He has been a huge inspiration to me ever since.

10. Nick Drake | Sunday
2007, Swedish autumn in the air and this album. This song does it all for me. Another one of those melancholic yet uplifting songs!