WARMER MIXTAPES #495 | by Malcolm Dakeyo [Coton/Malcolm/D_tekt/Kelton Prima]

1. Stelvio Cipriani | Mary's Theme (feat. Edda Dell'Orso)
When Stelvio Cipriani met Edda Dell'Orso it gives a marvelous sensual theme for this Italian erotic thriller film called Gioco D'Amore, Gioco Di Morte. Based on strings, harp gimmick and a beautiful vocal chorus this song can be listened in auto repeat. Also it makes me think to an Ennio Morricone's period I love too. For me this is an ideal music to start the day smoothly.

2. Piero Umiliani | Chaser
First class Deep Jazz Funk ballad here. Sweetness is buzzword of this piece of art I've discovered at the end of the 90's. Timeless music where Italians did it better !

3. Ennio Morricone | The Thing Main Theme
One of the only 80's Carpenter's movie in which another musician other than big John intervenes. Like the other Carpenter's soundtrack Ennio conserves a minimal approach with 2 notes of a synthetic bass and uses some synth strings to create a suspense atmosfear. It works to the core, I thrill. So I can say that is one of my favourite film & soundtrack.

4. Lalo Schifrin | Ape Shuffle
70's Funky groove in action for this theme song of the Planet Of The Apes TV series. Love the ape groove brings by Lalo who makes me bouncing like Ceasar.

5. Jean-Pierre Mirouze | Sexopolis
Jean-Pierre Mirouze is a shadowy figure in the 60's French music scene. He has been an assistant for Pierre Henry. He also worked for Pierre Schaeffer and Serge Gainsbourg but he put his musical carreer in standby to mainly turned into documentary film maker. So his Sexopolis track is a jewel builds like a wave movement with the strings section. The organ lead is crazy and sometimes horns stab makes me think to Jerry Goldsmith work in Planet Of The Apes soundtrack.

6. Pierre Akendengué | Evogamanga
Thanks to my dad's records collection I grew up with Pierre's music and many other various stuffs I actually rediscover. About this title... Pierre turns his music into real Trance. This is my back to the roots with Black African music that is too often used without any real international recognition it deserves.

7. Joe Moks | Boys And Girls
Boogie riding in the streets of Lagos, Joe Moks gives his reply to US Disco-Funk and he seriously hit the bull's eye. A real bass tune to party together and share brotherhood we absolutely need because we are one nation under a groove despite the fact that we live in a World in deep troubles.

8. The Ogyatanaa Show Band | Disco Africa
After Gabon and Nigeria let's go in Ghana. Maybe Jeff Mills heard this track before to launch his Purpose Maker label. For me there is a real Tribal Techno vibe with its bassline and heavy drum percussions. I discovered this tracks thanks to George Mahood from Concourse Records (UK) who played this track during a party in France. All people were hysteric and shouted all over the Dance floor and during this moment I felt the supreme force of this title. Sometimes Music is Magic!

9. Eko Roosevelt | Ndolo Embe Mulema
Back at home in Cameroon with this Funky Disco Makossa track from this great artist called Eko Roosevelt from the Dikalo band. It could be an Cameroonese version of Roy Ayers. The track drives by a fat bassline, some horns stab and breakbeats to evaluate at the middle with a sweet Fender Rhodes leads. Manu Dibango is not alone, there is also Eko!

10. Kassav' | Love And Ka Dance
And Africa (Kassav Vocal Version)... An to conclude after an African trip go to the Treasure Island of the Caribbean with Kassav'! Many people know Kassav' for their Zouk sound they contributed to create but if you look for their 2 first records they got another sound. In this period they mixed Disco Funk and Caribbean music as well with developing an atypic music. So I love this track for it beat and Disco bassline, I love the lyrics which speaks about unity even if I generally hate Zouk. Kassav' at it best!