WARMER MIXTAPES #496 | by Adrien Kanter and Adrien Durand of Trésors

Band photo by Yann Le Yann.

SIDE A | by Adrien Durand

1. The Flying Burrito Brothers | Dark End Of The Street (James Carr's The Dark End Of The Street Cover)
It's a song about death. Beautiful to me. Play it at my funeral please.

2. Paul McCartney | Temporary Secretary
I'm not a huge Beatles fan and I don't really like McCartney but this pre-Electro Pop fucked up song is super cool.

3. Telefon Tel Aviv | The Birds
A great influence to me in the way of writing Eectronic music with lyrics.

4. The Whitest Boy Alive | Don't Give Up
Erlend Øye's voice is sugar and honey at the same time.

5. Air | Playground Love
The vibe of this song is reminiscent of my 20's. Good memories.

6. Kanye West | Dark Fantasy
Kanye can act like a douche but for me he's a musical genius. The Pop of the Future for me.

7. Philip Glass | Rubric
I wish I knew how to play Philip Glass on a piano.

8. Lil Wayne I Imma Get Mine (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Lil Wayne is a really interesting character. He does so many songs, some are good some are boring, this one is kinda old and has a good pop vibe with a catchy chorus I love.

9. Nirvana | Drain You
Best lyrics in the World.

10. Art Department | I C U
One of my fav band these days. Intelligent Dark Disco with an incredible voice.

SIDE B | by Adrien Kanter

1. Neil Young | Cortez The Killer
The song I could listen to a million times. I like the live feeling, so much strength and sensibility.

2. Led Zeppelin | Since I've Been Loving You (BBC Sessions Version)
They found out what Modern Rock is all about. Power, sensibility and just enough approximation to make it perfect.

3. Robert Wyatt | Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road
The chord change, at the end the Droney intro, lifts me up like no other has done to me. A very physical feeling. Robert Wyatt is one of the few musical geniuses on Earth to me.

4. The Jesus Lizard | Gladiator
They were one of the greatest Rock 'N' Roll band. Deep and repetitive bass/drum, screaming guitar and a singer that sings like no-one else.

5. Tim Buckley | Phantasmagoria In Two
This must be the song for my funeral. It doesn't have the shape of a sad song but it's actually one of the most powerful I ever heard. The first time I heard it, I felt like crying over it, just for the pleasure of it.

6. The Sound | Skeletons
The Sound were one of the greatest Post Punk bands. Their album From The Lions Mouth is an eternal classic to me. And this song is an extract from there.

7. Ornette Coleman | Lonely Woman
Such a beautiful melody. So dissonant and powerful at the same time. Very sensual.

8. Philip Bailey & Phil Collins | Easy Lover
He was one of the greatest drummer (he's not dead, hein!... Just retired...) and this song is one of the few perfect Pop song.

9. David Bowie | Moonage Daydream
I'm an alligator... Beautiful lyrics and melody. Very hard to pick just one song by David Bowie. This song ends with one the most powerful guitar solos.

10. John Fahey | On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean
John Fahey was one of a kind. His guitar style and harmonies teach me how to be simple and spontaneous in making Music. Very, very modern. As the title says, this song makes you travel.

+11. Nick Drake | Day Is Done
Nick Drake makes songs that take you into their arms just to reveal themselves inside your soul.