WARMER MIXTAPES #581 | by Greg Hatem [Heart Of Hearts] of Mr. Moccasin and Forks Of Ivy

Photos by Brian Henry.

1. Deep Time | Clouds
Just heard this song a couple weeks ago. I believe it is the first single from the forthcoming Deep Time LP. It's really the quintessential perfect single -- it grabs your attention right away and the hooks are just so catchy. It's this kind of thoughtful Pop songwriting that restores your Faith in Humanity.

2. Julia Holter | Moto Perpetuo
I'm a longtime Julia Holter fan, and this is an absolute gem that was somehow overlooked upon its release on the 4 Women No Cry compilation. Very poppy, kinda sloppy, and charming as fuck! Julia Holter always demonstrates a very intelligent Playfulness that alleviates any air of Pretentiousness that is sometimes associated with Experimental Pop Music.

3. Connan Mockasin | Faking Jazz Together
When I heard this record last year, I became obsessed. Fascinated by his strange imagery, I would play Connan's album over and over again. Faking Jazz Together kind of reminds me of going to Music School. I feel like I have seen so many musicians faking Jazz together in my lifetime, so the concept just makes me laugh a bit.

4. Iggy Pop | Neighborhood Threat
Though I have always admired Iggy Pop, I have only recently become infatuated with his solo albums. Neighborhood Threat has that Classic attitude that Iggy loved to convey, but with some odd production aesthetic that almost nudges it into some kind of Art-Punk territory.

5. Natureboy | Heart To Fool
After seeing a Natureboy set, there are no words. Sara's voice is so mesmerizing -- her tone and control is unmatched. The unusual phrasing of this track in particular seems completely natural, and you can really hear a vulnerability in her voice. It sounds so genuine and necessary.

6. Cocteau Twins | Aloysius
One of my favorite songs on one of my favorite albums by one of my favorite bands. Such a thoughtful song, kind of introspective. Whenever I listen to this record, I always imagine a dreamy, snowy night sky. You can almost feel that cold air blowing across your face.

7. Quix*o*tic | To This World I Must Give In
This is a standout track from a very, very underrated album. It's got this playful Sexiness that really grabs you, like something David Lynch would drool over. Kind of Minimalist, but appropriately so.

8. Sean Nicholas Savage | Chin Chin
Chin Chin has all the makings of a Hipster Pop gem -- the strange lyrics, the warm synth, the bounce-to-VHS sound that Ariel Pink made famous. But beyond that, there's something much more staying about this track. There's such a strong hook in the chorus, it will instantly sink you.

9. Mecca Normal | Throw Silver
I'm definitely obsessed with this track. It's so powerful in its simplicity. Jean's vocals are so striking and authentic, I feel like I can see her eyes close as she sings. She doesn't really care if you're listening, it's more Spiritual than that. Good, honest songwriting.

10. Robert Wyatt | Sea Song
Robert Wyatt is one of my heroes. Completely brilliant. This song really gave birth to the Avant-Pop genre and mentality. It's got this strange Magnetism that draws you into a whole different scene. It's a glimpse into the mind of Wyatt who had recently been paralyzed by a tragic accident. Sort of like an awakening, in a humble sense, kind of like sobering up to the hand that you have been dealt.