WARMER MIXTAPES #603 | by Jesse James [Nacho Picasso]

1. The Weeknd | The Birds (Part 1)

I love the part where he goes Fuckin with a nigga like me, like meeee...

2. Ab-Soul | SOPA (feat. Schoolboy Q)
This song gets me turnt up everytime... Oh, that's yo bitch??? Well, Bro, she on me!...

3. Howlin' Wolf | Smoke Stack Lightning

That's that barfight, Roadhouse, Outsiders music.

4. Kendrick Lamar | The Spiteful Chant (feat. Schoolboy Q)
I get dressed to this shit every mornin'.

5. Eli | Faster You Fall
I've driven drunk countless times on my way to get some pussy with this song blaring. It's the creep anthem.

6. Danny Brown | Blunt After Blunt
Do I even need to explain...

7. James Brown | The Payback
This is one of the first songs someone said "fuck" in. I can dig rappin', I'm ready... I can dig scrappin'... But I can't dig backstabbin'...

8. Nirvana | Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Traditional American Folk Song Cover)
Kurt Cobain is a big inspiration and a Seattle icon. He took this song and made it his own.

9. Pixies | Where Is My Mind?
I'm the black Tyler Durden swervin bourbon...

10. Mac Dre | Not My Job
Bitch gonna ask me to come with her to grocery shop... I told her straight up like this, no siree bob... That's not my job. MAC DRE IS THE G.O.A.T in my book.