WARMER MIXTAPES #604 | by Miasha Fisher [Miasha]

1. DJ T. | Sense (feat. James Teej) (Tale Of Us Remix)

My friend asked me to come with her for the afternoon one Sunday. Little did I know I would end up on this charter yacht that was to sail around Manhattan featuring this new DJ group, Tale Of Us. This group BLEW my mind. I danced for 5 hours straight. I love the dark dissonant chord sounds. I love build ups in the production especially when the DJ/producer really has you and when you think the beat is going to drop in the song and it holds off for one more measure and then a killer strong bass kicks in. This type of song makes me feel it all the way in my bones.

2. Kylie Minogue | Timebomb
Gotta love Kylie. Such a feel good song. Simple lyrics… I wanna, wanna dance like it was the last dance of my life. Sometimes such a simple phrase is so fun to sing and let your hair down to. I constantly feel like I could dance all day. This song is sexy and makes you wanna strut just like Kylie does in her video!

3. Azari & III | Hungry For The Power (Jamie Jones Remix)
This is one of my favorite songs. The way it starts off so subtle but so sexxxyy. I love the beginning build up and at 1:17 when that dark voice comes in and the beat drops… Well, that’s just Perfection. And the lyrics… Who isn't hungry for power? When I listen to the combination of this beat with the different interesting instruments with these lyrics, it makes me feel confident and powerful in my own skin. Everyone deserves to feel powerful over themselves in anything they do.

4. Whitney Houston | I'm Every Woman
One of the greatest voices of all time first of all. I absolutely love how this song starts just with the synth and a simple melody and her resonant voice. It’s so moving. The lyrics speak so heavily to me and to all women. I love the ending where the chorus is repeating I'm every woman and the chord changes are getting higher and Whitney is riffing over the top. By the end of the song I am seriously twirling around and belting I'M EVERY WOMAN...

5. Tina Turner | Let's Stay Together
What a classic. I grew up listening to this song imitating Tina Turner in the bathroom with a hairbrush as a mic, haha. The synth in the beginning of this song with the few simple chord changes and her voice over the top is so powerful and so truthful. You really listen to the lyrics and to her voice. I love how you can hear the pain and struggle and strength resonating in each note she sings. In this song she so gracefully goes from head voice to her famous belt -- I love the contrast. I don't think I have gone longer than a week without listening to this song.

6. Tora | Drown
This song was composed and written by the artist who also happens to be my sister. It has such a true meaningful message that speaks to me and anyone who has had their heart invested in someone that is self destructive. The title is reminiscent of the old adage that even an excellent swimmer can drown trying to save someone that’s going down. But the silver lining that I see in it is that Love can be heroic even if it ends tragically. Her voice is so pure and her lyrics speak right to those truthful and intimate moments.

7. Junior Vasquez Presents Vernessa Mitchell ‎| Reap What You Sow (7" Radio Mix)
OK… So I have my speakers blasting with this song as I write this. I just had to get up and break it down for a minute. I can't sit still when listening to this song. Her voice is so soulful and has such energy and spirit. The lyrics to this song really tells a story about Life lessons… Two wrongs don't make it right couldn't have said it better and with her soulful power you are definitely listening to her sing that! I feel ya VERNESSA… Haha. I can only image this song playing back in the days of the nightclub The Tunnel where Junior used to turn on the lights and he would call all the divas to the dance floor… Meaning Voguing catwalk time. Would have loved to been there. This vocal uplifting House Music is just pure fun.

8. Azealia Banks | 212 (feat. Lazy Jay)
LOVE this production… Great how it starts off with faded beat a bit static-y. Then at 0:54 it hits us with this super fresh almost like horn sound. Whenever that kicks in I always wanna start jumping and basically doing high kicks. The bridge is so fresh how it goes from this super Upbeat Funky horn Electro feel to this soulful smooth sexy break. You can feel the tension building in the bridge and the sound becomes more full as it continues. Songs that build with tension lyrically and production wise always seem to give me chills and make me feel something real. Super cool in the melody when she is singing and she goes into her lower register at 2:08, love the tone quality there.

9. Ellie Goulding | Lights
This is one of those songs for me that makes me feel really good and really happy. I always picture myself dancing in this black mirrored room with tons of different gold strobe lights just flashing with a huge smile on my face. The production really takes you on journey, starting with Minimal sounds and her voice not doubled but very pure and present and then at :40 when she is layered with her voice and that piano synth hits that major chord… I get that feeling of Happiness and now the tension in the song is building… And the song is about to take us.

10. Led Zeppelin | Dazed And Confused

Recently I have been listening to so much Led Zeppelin. I can relate vocally to his tone when he is belting those higher notes. It just has such an epic quality and presence. His tone in this song is so gritty, sexy and full. The guitar long notes mixed with his voice is simply too good. He carries this free feeling and sound when you listen to him.