WARMER MIXTAPES #648 | by Marlon Contreras [Master Asthma]

1. Nite Jewel | Let's Go (The Two Of Us Together)
As you can see, I love Mellow Music. My music taste is pretty Blase, but it's who I am. This song along with the album is a Soft, Glowish, Fog Of Perpetual Heaven. I just think of Soft Pillows and White Rivers flowing when I listen to this song. So good.

2. The Knife | Is It Medicine
There was a summer where I took prescription pills every day. I woke up, had my coffee, took my pills, and began to clean my room in an OCD fashion. This is the first song I would put on. I always found it very Ironic that The Knife wrote this song to depict a Social Situation that was in some way Risky, (or at least that's what I got) but at the same time, here I was living this song, doing my daily routines, going to College, Driving, Socializing and Feeling Confident. It's a song that takes me back. It was cool then to be high, but not now. Seems old.

3. Nina Simone | Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
The first time I heard this song it blew me out of the water! I love this version so much. This song sparked a long-term Infatuation with this remarkable artist. But obviously, she needs no introduction.

4. Lauryn Hill | Ex-Factor
Hands down, the ultimate Break-Up song. It always hits the spot when a relationship turns Sour. It always speaks Truth and never sells out. Ms. Lauryn reigns.

5. Joanna Newsom | Bridges And Balloons
This song always sets a mood of Optimism. It makes me want walk through my city with a peacoat on, and the wind blowing through my hair. It's rare that a song can always lift me up, no matter what type of Emotional State I'm in. This is an amazing album and this song is my favorite track.

6. Björk | Thunderbolt
Only a few selected artist can belch out amazing sounds like Björk. This song is as Intricate as the Eccentricity itself. It has so many Complex Structures in it along with an amazing Philosophical, Metaphorical Narrative attached to it. It is one of my favorite Björk songs. I can listen to it through and through.

7. Crystal Castles | Suffocation
This song is a manifestation of Angelic Infused Nihilism. It's just perfect. When I'm certain that Negativity is everywhere, I can only suffocate and let it take me. A remarkable song.

8. Siouxsie And The Banshees | Dazzle
This song is definitely Very Cheesy to admit to, but Siouxsie is one of my favorite artists. This song just packs in so much Emotion from another era, but it breaks through Time and makes new memories with its listeners. I love the Passion, the ballad, the drums, and most of all, that Banshee voice!

9. Gorillaz | Empire Ants (feat. Little Dragon)
This song reminds me of Riding in cars, super blown, feeling the wind through my hair. It only goes great with another friend of mine. It's always on our playlists. It's such a great tune, the build up is incredible, it just blows our minds every time.

10. Beach House | Turtle Island
A moment can be bolted forever in a song; a door that opens to a time when everything was Perfect and we were in Love. This is a song that has stood the test of Time, through Hate, through Love and through Melancholia. It will forever be in my heart, locked with the fond memories of Devotion and the soul that ventured by my side into the depths of Affection.