WARMER MIXTAPES #650 | by Jens Bjørnkjær (Hess Is More) and Katherine Mills Rymer of OOFJ

SIDE A | by Katherine Mills Rymer

1. Nick Drake | Milk And Honey
This song for me, as with a lot of his songs make me feel like Crying Outside mid-morning in a really good way and in a really bad way. The song breaks me in half. It really is an Ecstatic- Maudlin thing that happens when I play this, which is sometimes the only song I play for days.

2. Tobacco | Six Royal Vipers
It is like gravel in your Sex coffee. It's hungover and polished. I first got into Tobacco in New York and it reminds me of that time.

3. Michael Franks | Alone At Night
No one allows me to play this in Seriousness. But I almost force this song on people once I have had a cocktail and I'm dancing to my wall while people complain about this song. I grew up with this song (my Dad was a huge fan), and I like his muted - Caramel vocals. Cheesy but with the biggest heart and coolest mid Eighties way possible . Also this has one of the best lyrics ever... Alone at night, watching those re-runs of Dragnet...

4. The Velvet Underground | After Hours
The person who played this to me for the first time, played this to me in his beat-up car in a Dusty un-paved carpark, it was winter in Cape Town and it was very Rainy and Windy. I sat there and felt all my Angst and inevitable unreachable rapture for the person next to me. To this day I sing this song to myself when I feel uncomfortable, it soothes me in some very Dark way.

5. Crystal Castles | Violent Dreams
An Underwater-Soft Core Pummeling. This song is so gorgeous to me. It breaks in half and shatters, it reminds me of somehow thinking of someone and someone thinking of you at the same time, or having a nightmare which is really also a fantasy. I like to dance to this alone in my kitchen late at night.

6. Queens Of The Stone Age | Mosquito Song
My Nearly Out Of The House, Nearly The End Of School band obsession. My best friend and I driving the back roads of the small town where I grew-up. Blaring the Music loud. Smoking lots of weed. I love how Instrumental this track is, and Gentle and Bombastic.

7. Jefferson Airplane | Comin' Back To Me
It always gives me the same Mental image, always the same: cheap lace curtains, on a window, with late afternoon light coming through. It's like the Beginning and End - it's like... Trying to hold Sunlight is how I see this song. Really Fragile, maybe Impossible.

8. Thom Yorke | Skip Divided
Thom Yorke is and was a big influence on my taste. As obviously he is on a shitload of people. But besides that, I chose this song as it makes me want to take off my clothes and make Love.

9. Philip Glass Act I, Scene 11: Dreamscape No. 3 (from Waiting For The Barbarians)
I like to listen to this on subways.

10. Death From Above 1979 | Sexy Results
It has French touches, and still has a Tight - Heavy Unembarrassed Sound, it was my Ego and my Machismo while I was experimenting with amphetamines.

SIDE B | by Jens Bjørnkjær

1. Bat For Lashes | What's A Girl To Do
When I heard this a few years ago I felt like I should just stop making Music since it's so incredibly well made. And the video is legendary as well.

2. Nosaj Thing | Eclipse/Blue (feat. Kazu Makino)
This track I almost cant listen to since I start feeling Inferior as Producer. It's from his upcoming album. Awesome!

3. Chet Baker & Stan Getz | Line For Lyons
Since I am a saxplayer with a huge past in Jazz, these are my absolute two favourites - crossing blades in this duet.

4.  Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff | Piano Concerto No. 2
I grew up with Classical Music all around me. I want to put this fantastic piece on the list. There would be a ton of Classical Music I could put on this list but this is one of my favorites.

5. Ennio Morricone | The Ecstacy Of Gold
The legendary Italian composer's legendary piece from the end scene in The Good, And The Bad And The Ugly where they finally reach the cemetery. Unbelieavable.

6. Astrud Gilberto | The Shadow Of Your Smile
Having spent a lot of time in Brazil, I love Brazilian Music and this Classic track is beautiful, Complex and Very Simple at the same time.

7. Fela Kuti | Let's Start
This song has so much energy that you just get blown away the second it starts. The whole Afrobeat thing had me addicted for a few years. Now I am more back to normal. It's from a Live recording with Ginger Baker from Berlin.

8. Radiohead | Everything In Its Right Place
This track is obviously a Classic and when I heard it back in the day, it shook my world and was kind of a new start in Making Music for me.

9. Hess Is More | Broadway Ukulele
The last track we made when I was still in the Hess Is More band. We did a lot of crazy things in the five years we played. This song was made in a studio on Broadway in New York and has a lot of ukulele. That's why it's called Broadway Ukulele.

10. Wilhelm Richard Wagner | Prelude (from Tristan Und Isolde)
It was used in Lars Von Trier's film Melancholia. In which I play a lot of saxophone and a bit of acting as a band member. Lars told me this piece was picked as the best Art piece ever made by some World organization and that's why he used it and that's also why I put it on my list.