WARMER MIXTAPES #651 | by Alex Christopherson [TÂCHES] of Printfields

1. Kanye West | Runaway (feat. Pusha T)
I'm not a massive fan of Kanye, but, Runaway could easily be one of the most genius productions of the 21st century. The entire song, from beginning to end, is, in my eyes, perfect. I first heard this song fairly drunk in a small, dark Brighton front room occasionally illuminated by the headlights of a passing bus. The whole situation, the eerie feel of the room coupled with the almost haunting vocals emanating from the subpar iPod dock just really stuck with me. At the time, things weren't the best they could be, yet this song really spoke to me and hit a spot that it's stayed clung to since. To this day I still get shivers.

2. Toploader | Dancing In The Moonlight
What can I say about this song other than Excellent. It's quite simply the happiest song ever made. No matter what mood I'm in, playing this song will make me demob Happy. I'd also say that of the hundreds of times I've listened to it, over 80% were in the shower, as it is the sole song on my shower playlist that gets played every morning.

3. Trevor Rabin | The Guardian Suite
Definitely the best Film Score. Ever. I won't say much about this other than if you haven't heard it, do yourself a favour and check it out. It's so exceptionally moving and beautiful that it earned a spot in my top ten favourite songs of all Time.

4. Tracy Chapman | Fast Car
This song is just too good not to include. Although I chose Fast Car, any Tracy Chapman song could be substituted, as she is, in my opinion, one of the most Legendary Female Singer-Songwriter of all Time. Each and every one of her songs is great but Fast Car takes the medal purely for its superlative lyrics. Everyone can relate to wanting to just up and leave at some point in their life - and Chapman made a song about it. Boom.

5. Pietro Mascagni | Intermezzo (from Cavalleria Rusticana)
I'm not really a fan of Classical Music - weirdly, I find its sound to be rather more Contrived (shoot me) than Moving. However, this piece of Music, from the opera Cavalleria Rusticana, is just so insanely Emotive. The piece starts off all lovey and Soft Focus, before dipping in and out of Melancholy, before it then drops not once, but like three times - each more intense than the last. How can you not love it?

6. Uffie | First Love
This is my secret pleasure. It's an incredibly Camp song, yet the sampling is perfect. The loose feel of the track coupled with those sexy vocals makes for one hell of a production. Couple that with the fact that it's almost Dancing In The Moonlight happy and you can understand why it's on my list. This is a perfect getting ready for shit song.

7. The Killers | This River Is Wild
The Killers are, ultimately, my favourite musicians of all time. I'm not so keen on the latest album, considering all the songs sound like each other and they all suck, but back in the day, they had some serious talent. At a bit of a down point of my life, I religiously listened to them and in some weird, conditioning effect, I have come to associate feeling happier with their music. Although plenty of other songs could also have been on this list, this one has a particularly uplifting message and the bit when Flowers says shake a little in that funny Hiccup-esque way makes it top dog.

8. Lighthouse Family | High
Same as Dancing In The Moonlight, this one is an insanely uplifting and inspiring masterpiece with the power to elevate my mood from wherever it lies. This will always remind me of this last summer, when the Lighthouse Family Greatest Hits was the only CD I had in my car and this song was pretty much on repeat for many days. It's such a Singalong Classic - you just have to.

9. Cartel | Say Anything (Else)
When I was 9 or 10 and thought I was a rebel, Cartel were my favourite band. Although, I've kind of lost interest in Pop-Punk, this one remains awesome as ever. I remember listening to this on the bus to school on the first iPod - when they were size of a small car and had space for two and a half songs. Good times.

10. Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner | Sky And Sand
Simple. Effective. Brilliant. This song has so much Soul and Love. Truly a song for when you're loving Life and wanting to hug everyone. This song is the perfect example of how a song doesn't need to do much to be perfect. Those vocals. Those toms. That pad. Perfect.

+11. James Blake | The Wilhelm Scream (James Litherland's 'Where To Turn' Cover)
This is just too awesome to write anything about. It's so Mysterious and Sad and Happy - all in one. If I could be any producer right now, it would be Blake. No one else uses the power of Chords like him. He is, truly, a genius.

+12. Burial | Archangel
Everyone should love Burial. Burial is just too good to not like. If I were to imagine this song as a room, it would be completely black with a single chair in the middle, on which sat a chap with no face but a beautiful voice.

+13. Groove Armada | History (Love Mix)
I discovered this by accident while searching for the original, and considering the original isn't that great, overall it was a lucky find. This little nugget is Fantastic and Really Emotive. Perfect Chill Out and Blaze song.

+14. Pachanga Boys | Time
Another loving Life song - this 15 minute Epic is quite literally Epic. It has the power to transport me to a beach full of happy people drinking happy drinks and taking all manner of happy things. When this comes on, you just have to throw your arms in the air and do an odd little spasm shuffle (this is the case for me anyway).

+15. Lovebirds | Want You In My Soul (feat. Stee Downes)
This one is so heart wrenchingly beautiful and Emotional that, as a good friend of mine said, you hardly ever want to play it. Nevertheless, it's excellent and perfect for long walks home at the early hours of the morning.

+16. SBTRKT | Living Like I Do (feat. Sampha) (Lil Silva Remix)
WHAT. A. BASSLINE. That is all I can say about this one. Fuck.

+17. DrDr | Extra
The vocalist in DrDr has such an interesting voice, and when you couple that with the Hectic/Eclectic instrumental of this track you get a sound that I have struggled to find anywhere else. These guys are so Unique and good at what they do.

+18. Skope | How I Feel
Where do I start? This song seems to be, on his Soundcloud, like an old book, being used as a coaster, being given away as a free download, sat at the bottom of his page. This song is SO under appreciated. It should have so much exposure. That Etta James sample has been used so many times that every time I hear a new track using it, I cringe. This one, however, uses it differently. It manages to maintain all of the soul of the original track and almost adds more. All elements of this track are superb. If you haven't listened to it, I URGE you to check it out soon. The drop. Oh, my God.

+19. Ornette | Crazy (Nôze Remix)
Let me start out by saying, how the hell did Nôze see any potential in the original song? It's horrendous. However, this remix is brilliant. It's so Minimal and Sparse, yet it is Holistically one of the best sounding Deep House/Afterhours tracks I've ever heard. The bass in the drop is so weird but, like every other element in the song, it works.

+20. Tourist | Your Girl
When I listen to this song, half of me tries to say nothing really happens; it's kind of boring. The other half (the more dominating and worthwhile to listen to half) can't explain why it loves it so much. Yes, the chords are exceptional. Yes, the vocal sample is cool as hell. Yes, that little Clave/Tom thing is genius. Okay, you know what. It's a great song. I can't fault it, no matter how hard I try.