WARMER MIXTAPES #652 | by Yndi Ferreira DaSilva [Dream Koala] of I The Omniscient

1. Flying Lotus | São Paulo
Fly Lo is my favorite producer. Last year, I went to Berlin with a friend of mine. We were in a music shop when I've seen the 1983 vinyl. She offered it to me. It was pretty awkward at the moment. But such a beautiful gift. Flying Lotus has his own style so far, he really don't give a shit about Music Categorization, and I'm really down with this way of Thinking. Music is a beautiful art, Genres Frontier should not be a limit to Creativity.

2. Tyler, The Creator | Parade
A friend of mine showed me Odd Future like one year ago. I'm one of those "Yonkers fans, haha, I don't know them since the beginning, but since the day I first listened to them, I can't stop. I'm addicted. I'm 18 now, so I'm the age Tyler was when he recorded this song. Listening to this track reminds me how much I don't want to grow old and have a normal life with a shitty job, a car, a house and a stupid wife.

3. Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges | Tudo Que Você Podia Ser
I'm born in Paris, but my parents are Brazilian. They raised me listening to Brazilian Music, this is why I had to put this track on the list. The artists on this song are from my father's state, Minas Gerais. The album was released in 1972 but didn't loose its Beauty.

4. Shlohmo | Empty Pool
I first listened to this song when I was in Berlin (once again) for holidays in my uncle's apartment. I spend a whole night on my computer and found this on YouTube, when the song was playing, I could see the Sun rise through the window. Good remembrance. I love Berlin tho. I definitely want to play there.

5. Animal Collective | Brother Sport
Damn. This song makes me feel so happy. I fucking love it. I feel like an 8 years old child dancing in the forest. This is amazing.

6. The Number Twelve Looks Like You | The Garden's All Nighters
They are my favorite band ever. This music is pure genius, so sad they splitted.

7. Deftones | MX
When I was like 14, I was really in love with that girl. But, you know the story... Sometimes Life is a bitch. I know that I wouldn't be the person I am today if she decided to date me at this time. Maybe, I would not even make Music... I can't listen to this song without thinking about her and this period of my life.

8. Explosions In The Sky | The Only Moments We Were Alone
I went to an Explosions In The Sky show and when they played this song was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. Everything seems so bright while listening to this track. As if Everything was OK. Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place.

9. Liturgy | Pagan Dawn
This track is so Intense. I can't understand one single word of what the guy is saying and don't want to. I just love how Powerful and Soul Affecting this song is. Some crazy experience… Trippin' balls. I wish I was an astronaut with this track on my iPod.

10. Memoryhouse | Lately (Deuxième)
This music have something Magical, the synths sounds like Crystal. They sampled Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind's soundtrack which is one of my favorite movie. Listening to this before to sleep ensure you'll make sweet dreams.