WARMER MIXTAPES #681 | by Jonas Kiesekoms and Maarten Elen of Mumbai Science

SIDE A | by Maarten Elen

1. Queens Of The Stone Age | A Song For The Dead
When I was in High School, me and my friends always went out to this local bar where they pretty much only played the album Songs For The Deaf by QOTSA. Really, they would just put the album on repeat the whole time. Honestly, we never got tired of it. Good times! I must have heard that album a billion times by now. Amazing to see them play Live as well.

2. Underworld | Two Months Off
One of my All-Time favorite Dance tracks. I love it when a Techno track has this Feel-Good vibe. The loop is so good, I wish I made it.

3. The Chemical Brothers | Hey Boy Hey Girl
Chemical Brothers must be one of my biggest examples. Surrender is the first album I ever bought and I still listen to it a lot. Hey Boy Hey Girl is the most known track of the album, but really, everything on it is Amazing. They’re so Versatile as well. Listen to Let Forever Be for instance.

4. Frédéric Chopin | Prelude, Op. 28, No. 4 (Played by Aldona Dvarionaitė)
I grew up with Classical Music and still feel very strong for it. Some of my favorite pieces have always been the Chopin Preludes and especially the one in E Minor. I love it how Music can look so Simple, but at the same time be so Powerful. Probably the Saddest piece of Music I know. Chopin requested this would be played at his own funeral.

5. Soulwax | Much Against Everyone's Advice
I can’t make a top ten without putting at least one Soulwax song in it. Like every teenager, I used to be in a band when I was in High School. We used to cover this song. We were terrible, but convinced one day we’d be Rich and Famous.

6. Michael Jackson | Jam
Anything by MJ is Gold for me. I started to listen to him when I was a kid and kinda rediscovered him later on. It’s Amazing how even after all these years, it still sounds so Fresh. It’s Timeless.

7. Funkadelic | Maggot Brain
I love it when there’s a story behind a song. I heard that George Clinton made Eddie Hazel believe his mother passed away, right before recording his 10 minute Guitar Solo. In the middle of the recording, he told him the Truth. The Solo is Mind-Melting.

8. Justice | Phantom
In my opinion, Justice and Ed Banger symbolize the 2007 Electro Movement which turned things upside down in Dance Culture. Still have this record on vinyl and used to play it in every set. It comes with remixes from Soulwax and Boys Noize. Not bad, right?

9. M83 | Midnight City
Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming must be my favorite album of last year. The sound of the album is so Distinctive. It sounds so Big with the Vocal Sampling and FX thrown over it. For me, an album has to be a little Experimental, it has to sound Fresh. The best songs for me are songs that transfer its Message through Sounds you’re not used to. That way, it catches you off guard.

10. Goose | British Mode
A lot of Good Music comes from Belgium, which I’m very proud of. One of my favorite bands is Goose. I try to check them out whenever I can and believe me, when they play Live, it’s Pure Energy! Last year, we got the opportunity to do a remix of their track Synrise, which was such an honor.

SIDE B | by Jonas Kiesekoms

1. Muse | United States Of Eurasia
I've always been a big fan of Muse and this song is a Classic. The Big Epic Out of Proportion Sounds really make this track larger than Life. I like to listen to it when I'm contemplating about the State of the World/my Life. Gives me a huge Energy boost!

2. Daft Punk | Rock'n Roll
One of my big inspirations! It's the Complete Opposite of the last track. Only one Synth line. But it has the same effect. It gives so much Power and Energy! A lesser known track by Daft Punk, but one of my favorites!

3. The Weeknd | House Of Balloons/Glass Table Girls
The Weeknd is my favorite Travel Music when on tour! I love to listen to him while Flying. The Melancholy in the air with a glass of Red Wine and everyone on the same small plane really gets to me!

4. Digitalism | Blitz
This track reminds me of Summertime! The Green Grass and Blue Sky! I'm not sure why, but it's a beast!

5. Jamiroquai | Space Cowboy
This is the return of the Space Cowboy! I've always been interested in Outer Space and experimenting with Jamiroquai on the background will get you one step closer to getting there! Relax!

6. Kelis | Caught Out There
I really REALLY love the Neptune's Production for this song! This beat is sooo good. Combined with Kelis' Unique Voice, this track kills it! This song is included as a call to Mankind and producers in particular for more Sexy Beats!!!

7. Georg Friedrich Händel | Keyboard Suite In D Minor (HWV 437): Sarabande (Performed by National Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor: Leonard Rosenman)
A Classical Masterpiece! I like to listen to Classical Music to put things in Perspective if I'm facing a writer's block. There is so much Music out there , and that's been out there for hundreds of years! Inspiration is not Rare, Inspiration is Bound to Human Nature, if not we wouldn't have all this Beautiful Music! Also it's been used in the commercial for one of my favorite beers!! DUVEL!

8. OutKast | Pink & Blue
Reminds me of an older lady! No further comment, just listen to the lyrics...

9. Chilly Gonzales | You Can Dance 
Ivory Tower. The greatest Entertainer out there! I really like his Music and it's a joy to watch him play Live! It was during Winter and took us hours to get to his show because of the snow, but it was worth it.

10. Mr. Oizo | Flat Beat
The first Electronic track I purchased! Mr. Oizo got me in to Dance Music and I couldn't thank him enough!