WARMER MIXTAPES #683 | by Taylor Freels [Lawrence Black/Urulu]

1. Mount Kimbie | Would Know
Saw these two play Live at the Downtown Independent Theatre in LA. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a renovated Movie Theatre. So I’m sitting there, in front of a Giant Movie screen projecting Visual Beauty, watching these two and am just in complete Bliss. If I could have my Life replayed, and soundtracked, this would be a Top choice.

2. Placeholder | Don’t U Know
Probably my favorite piece of Vinyl right now, and, quite frankly, I don’t really know much about the guy. It’s hard to put this track into an Exact Time and Place, but it definitely has a Nostalgic feel to it. Like a Childhood Love Story narrated by Bill Cosby.

3. Last Mood | Ace Combs
Probably the most recent piece of Music of all these, but if I didn’t know, would have guessed this one was straight out of the late 90’s. Honestly, haven’t left this one out of a set in the past few months. Chilling Bass stabs coupled with Chugging Percussion give this track an Undeniable Sense of Nostalgia.

4. Lone | Pineapple Crush
There’s not really a Lone track I don’t like. He’s a Pioneer, a True Genius. Untouchable!

5. Kris Wadsworth | Crushed
Wadsworth’s stuff is all a bit Mesmerizing to me, the guy is Weird as Shit and his Music follows that same Unparalleled Pattern.

6. KiNK | Bitter Sweet
Literally spent the majority of this deciding which KiNK track I would have on here, and finally narrowed it down to Bitter Sweet. Sultry Chords coupled with Warms Pads and Illuminating Vocal Work, it’s like Lullaby House stripped down to the bare necessities. Absolutely Beautiful Tune.

7. Bibio | Lovers' Carvings (Catz 'N Dogz Re-Edit)
This one holds a special place in my heart, it kinda sums up what it feels to experience the Northern Californian coastline.

8. Motor City Drum Ensemble | Raw Cuts #6
I needed something a bit on the Funk side, something that lent its hand to the greater Disco Era, but still kept a Contemporary Feel to it. MCDE is the epitome of this, and this track is Timelessly Brilliant.

9. Idiotproof | Gorilla (Siriusmo's Ass Of The Baboon Remix)
Still haven’t had the balls to play this one out. BUT, if I did, it would Ideally be for thousands of tween Ravers. Would really mess them up.

10. Claude VonStroke | Monster Island (Christian Martin Remix)
There isn’t much to say about this track that hasn’t already been made Apparent. It’s Fucking Creepy; like Epileptic House. Still gives me the chills when I play it out.