WARMER MIXTAPES #684 | by Alex Edwards [AJ]

1. LowkeyBars For My Brother
This song is too much, to describe the amount of Emotion and Pain put into this song it is Amazing. I mean, yeah, it is Sad and Depressing, but this for me is what Hip Hop/Rap is all about: Expression and being able to get things off your chest and, no matter what the subject matter, if a song truly comes from the heart and someone's just telling their story... That inspires me the most.

2. The Notorious B.I.G. | Juicy
From a Lyricists Perspective, you can not get a better flow over a beat than this guy. In the Music Genre I love he was debatably the Best there ever was.

3. 2Pac | Changes (feat. Talent)
Yes, another Well Known song, but again the Expression and Political Awareness shown here is Inspiring way beyond just Music, but for the Rights and Wrongs of people and, of course, the History behind the struggles he spoke of at the time and how things have changed.

4. Kano | P's And Q's
Living in England allowed me to know a lot about Grime Music, and this man got me into that with his flow, lyrics and style and he really captures what it's like on the streets in my country and Grime Music as whole allows Young Talent to come through and do their own thing.

5. Nas | Purple
Nas is one of the Best Lyricists Ever. In my opinion his delivery and content is Amazing and he's made some of the most Interesting tracks with the best of Old School Hip Hop beats that we all Love and Miss today, it's beats and lyrics like his that inspired me to start Writing back when I was like 14.

6. Akala | Find No Enemy
This song is Relatively newer than previous one mentioned, Akala is an UK artist that has a Deep and down to Earth style. When I listen to him he motivates me to be a better person and Live Good. I've been touched by his words many times.

7. Mic Righteous | Fire In The Booth (Freestyle)
I cheated a bit this is not a track, but more of a Radio Freestyle, again this artist provides Deep and Meaningful Lyrics that have been known to give me goosebumps by the Passion in his lyrics. The amount of subjects and social groups he touches upon is Amazing.

8. Yellow Man | Sensimilla
A great song to Chill and Smoke too. And if you listen closely he really touches on Weed Prohibition which, as a fellow stoner and follower for the cause... This is right up my street, makes me feel Connected and in a Mutual Agreement with another man's thoughts.

9. Eminem | Still Don't Give A Fuck
Eminem, especially in his Old Material like this song, make me feel Rebellious against Life and another man's rules and what they think is Acceptable, all of that added with his Lyrical Content and a flow that is better than anyone today. He has inspired me and made me relate for so many years now.

10. Skepta | Reflecting
The Microphone Champion is another artist to come out of the UK Grime scene. His Fresh View on Things and his bars and others like his are really what makes Grime so underrated and kept Underground, which is where I like my Music to be. Although he went Mainstream, he has recently gone back to his roots and is currently making the best Grime Music of his career.