WARMER MIXTAPES #712 | by George Samaras of Plastic Flowers

1. Joy Division | Shadowplay
Probably my Favorite Bass Line Ever, and when the vocals enters it's like you're Transferred into a Whole New World.

2. Boards Of Canada | Kid For Today
Adventurous Sounds, Soft Ambience and a Huge Beat. Boards of Canada, Nothing More, Nothing Less.

3. Thom Yorke | The Eraser
Simple and Lovely, Like Driving in the Rain.

4. Sigur Rós | Ekki Múkk
These Strings Gives Me Goosebumps, Almost Makes Me Cry.

5. Mogwai | Superheroes Of BMX
One of my Favorite Eectronic Compositions by Mogwai. Love.

6. John Maus | Hey Moon
This Synth.

7. Foxes In Fiction | 8/29/91
Charles Bukowski's Prophecies.

8. Explosions In The Sky | Postcard From 1952
I could extend this track's duration seriously. It could be like 25 minutes.

9. Aphex Twin | beskhu3epnm
Look Yourself in the Mirror and Start Asking What the Fuck's Going On.

10. The Notwist | Gloomy Planets
And Something Optimistic for the End!