WARMER MIXTAPES #740 | by Serge Przybyl [Serge P/PelagicZone]

1. Daft Punk | One More Time
I remember me sitting on the couch, watching MTV every Saturday and Sunday morning, 8-year-old. Sure is that young people are attracted to Comic Music Videos but I was also interested in the Music. It has influenced my taste of Music for sure.

2. Oasis | Wonderwall
This track is the ultimate weekend-track for summer days with friends and for your own. It remembers me of my free time with friends sitting/being around the schools by night, 16-year-old. We all have enjoyed our time together and our life with singing to this track.

3. Justice | Phantom Pt II (Boys Noize Vox Mix)
The whole JusticeCross album, with other tracks like Stress, is a part of my Music Education during my puberty. JUSTICE.

4. DeichkindRemmidemmi (Yippie Yippie Yeah) (Single Edit)
This track was the #1 track I really remember with fun in my youth as a teenager. Best track in Germany for weeks and for many people it was a motivation to enjoy partying and to go wild.

5.  Hardy Hard ‎| Unknown Track (feat. Afrika Bambaataa)
This is the only name of a really good Breakdance track I remember 'til I stopped practising it. BEST one ever. Breakdance influenced my Tactfulness, which is really important for the Music Business.

6. Fedde Le Grand | Put Your Hands Up For Detroit
After the first HIT of Fedde I got my first Electronic/House album Output. He is an idol for me for sure, he is a really kind person and just stay true to himself!

7. Calvin Harris | The Girls
This is the absolutely good vibe, good feeling Summer tune for every pool party and barbecue. Just having a blast with a cold BEER and dancing girls beside you.

8.  Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner | Sky And Sand
This track was an absolute move in the Minimal genre and a hit after the movie Berlin Calling. My best friend Patrick bought me a ticket as birthday gift to go on my first concert. It was an experience I will never forget, after this concert I only joined one of the last Faithless concerts and the I LOVE TECHNO 2011. Paul Kalkbrenner will never become as good as he was, his new productions are just FAIL. Fritz is good to listen and better instead.

9. Shinichi Osawa & Paul Chambers | Singapore Swing (SS Club Edit) 
I have spotted this genius Online. He is not really famous for the whole World, but a master for the producers and DJs of the Techno and Electronic Music. THIS TRACK IS MY FAVORITE. Since I found him, he is my biggest idol!

10. Dixie Yure | By Defection
This is the mega Chillout Music, just perfect and it is one of the best memories of my life. Spending my holiday with my best friend in the Netherlands. FAVORITE track in the CHILLOUT genre.