WARMER MIXTAPES #741 | by Mark Redito [Spazzkid] of My Parasol

1. Severin | The Edge of A Sunday (Breakbot Remix)
So catchy. Also, I'm like the biggest Breakbot fan. I just love his brand of Funk/Disco.

2. Cashmere Cat | Mirror Maru
I've been obsessed with this song and with Cashmere Cat in general when I was working on my newest album. His sound is really fresh and very inspiring! I mean just listen to those pianos and harps!

3. J Dilla | Time: The Donut Of The Heart
My favorite Dilla track of All Time. So much love for this dude right here.

4. The Notwist | Pilot
This reminds me of my girlfriend Susan. This was the first band we watched together as a couple. Warm and lovely vibes.

5. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu | PONPONPON
HYPER CUTE TRAUMATIC KAWAII!!! Who doesnt love Kyary? Also, I'm a big fan of Yasutaka Nakata, so everything he produces I automatically like!

6. Toe | Goodbye (feat. Toki Asako)
Toe is a great band! I loved the version of the song without Toki. But when I heard the Live version with her on it, it took it to another level. A forever favorite.

7. mgkrp | we.rest [b]
I am so obsessed with this song! I can't remember how much I put this on loop. It is so chill and easy going.

8. Lali Puna | Move On (Baths Remix)
I first heard this song while watching Bath's Boiler Room session. I instantly fell in love with it! I love how saturated the main synth sounds and that sidechain compression kicking in is just Heaven!

9. Little Dragon | Recommendation
I love this song A LOT! OMG! I remember driving around and putting this song on almost everyday. Her voice is just beautiful. I also have the biggest crush on Yukimi. I remember one time I went to a Little Dragon concert, she came down the stage and danced with the crowd! And I clearly remember that there was one instance that we danced and our eyes locked. SWOON.

10. The Bilinda Butchers | Half Open 
I love this song so much! It just reminds me of long drives with my girlfriend. Just warm lovely vibes!