WARMER MIXTAPES #767 | by James Wallace [Coloured Clocks]

1. Queen | Too Much Love Will Kill You
I’ve always been a big fan of Queen since I was a kid. They were the first band I listened to and I guess I’ve liked them ever since.

2. Tame Impala | Alter Ego
I could’ve picked pretty much any Tame Impala song, I went with this one because it’s the one I find myself singing just randomly all the time. Tame Impala pretty much changed my view on Music, hard to pick a favourite.

3. Wings | Magneto And Titanium Man
My grandma lent me this record when I was a kid, I always thought this song was cool! I love all the changes and different shifts in the song. It’s so Upbeat and Bouncy, I also like the Simplicity of it with the unusual character names. And the story is cool.

4. Van Dyke Parks | The All Golden
I became aware of this after hearing of Van Dyke Parks' work with The Beach Boys and Silverchair. I then came across this song on the Internet and just find it so Disorientating and Crazy, yet totally Catchy. I feel like it kinda keeps falling over and then having to catch up with itself.

5. Billy Joel | Say Goodbye To Hollywood
Just a very catchy song!

6. Ruffus | Eighties Coming Back
This is an Obscure one, I saw this song on Eurovision when I was in High School. I’d never heard of Eurovision before that night and just decided to watch it. I didn’t really like any of the other Music on that evening or on any Eurovision I’ve seen since, but this song always stuck with me!

7. Pink Floyd | Poles Apart
I love Pink Floyd. I also love this album. I love Expansiveness and Space in Music. This has loads of all of those things. Gilmour's voice is unbelievable.

8. Van Morrison | Hymns To The Silence
It was probably between this song and A Sense Of Wonder for my Van Morrison choice, his songs have this certain Spiritual/Emotional kind of thing going on which I can’t seem to find anywhere else, especially during his work in the 80s.

9. Bon Iver | Beth/Rest
I’ve met a few Bon Iver fans who dislike this song. I think it’s amazing!

10. Genesis | Behind The Lines
So bright and clear sounding, with so much energy. A great song with an awesome kinda Off Beat groove to the main riff, which I could listen to all day.

+11. Bee Gees | One Minute Woman
Most people when they hear the name Bee Gees automatically think of Falsetto singing and Saturday Night Fever. It seems not a lot of people aren't so aware of the early part of their career. Where they had much more of a Beatles type sound. I wasn't too sure which song to choose from this era. I went with this one, I probably liked it more when I was a kid. But I like the Sound they have in songs from this time of their career.