WARMER MIXTAPES #768 | by Jeroen De Pessemier (Bolchi/Foxylane) of The Subs

1. Brian Eno | Thursday Afternoon
Night before I have to play on this cool Belgian festival Pukkelpop. A guest appearance for the Rock band The Van Jets. I had just finished producing their album... And I am sitting alone in this house I don't know, waitin' for the storm of next day so to speak. So I check Facebook and see you asked me to participate in your blog, so I checked the site and found this track in the list of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Was completely blown away. Listening to it while making this list.

2. Hypnosis | End Title (Blade Runner)
One of the many tracks DJ Tonic gave to me when I was desperate for Inspiration. Was so happy to discover this!!

3. Quarks | I Walk (Superpitcher Schaffel Mix)
Loved this track from the start. Was a Party track in the early days when I went out. With my very first band, we played a Cover version of this one...

4. Radiohead | Pyramid Song
One of my All Time favorite songs. The rhythm is soo Complex, but it all sounds sooo Easy. I Love the lyrics. A song to dive into...

5. Miles Davis | 'Round Midnight (with John Coltrane) (Thelonious Monk Cover)
When I was 16, I had this big crush on Jazz Music, this was one of the Classics. We used to listen to this song on repeat with my then best friend. The moment when the Sax Solo comes in is just perfect. We used to play a Cover version of this as well, at that time I was still playing the Clarinet... My friend on Guitar. And we'd go around in little café's... Earning some money...

6. Asha Bhonsle & Rahul Dev Burman | Piya Tu Ab To Asja
This track is just sooo funny, but also really good actually... Takes a while to grow on you though...

7. ESG | Moody
Love the Groove and the Vibe.

8. Daft Punk | Something About Us
Daft Punk ARE the geniuses that got me into Electronic Music. I learned so much from listening to their records. This Minimalist song is just so perfect for me. Our Sound guy uses this track to test the PA system before we play Live, because the frequencies are just SOOO well in Balance, especially the Low End...

9. Arvo Pärt | Tabula Rasa  (Performed by Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra with Gidon Kremer, Tatjana Grindenko and Alfred Schnittke; Conductor: Saulius Sondeckis)
This is another piece of Music to really dive into. The Emotional layers it contains are incredible. It is also linked to a very Dark period in my life, this piece can make me cry.

10. TNGHT | Bugg'n
Just discovered this, LOVE IT!

+11. Nosaj Thing | Fog
This really marks my LONDON period. I discovered Nosaj Thing when I moved to London. I remember going to a night where he was playing. With my GF and a friend of hers... We were really high... Amazing night...