WARMER MIXTAPES #769 | by Aaron Mowatt [Aaron X]

1. Omar | There's Nothing Like This
When talking about British Soul, this is the one artist that optimises all of that. This was one of them songs my dad had on repeat in his car and my mum had blaring whilst she was in the kitchen. It's simply Soulful, and never gets old.

2. OutKast | Prototype
Andre 3000 really is one of them artists, that you can never predict what he was going to do next and that is so refreshing. When OutKast released The Love Below album at the time I really wasn't expecting this kind of track to be on there. It's just a great song and will always be one of them Modern Soul classics.

3. Craig David | Rendezvous
I used to sing this song constantly at school, and when I got my first iPod Born To Do It was the only album I had on it for a couple of months. Craig David had R&B on lock.

4. Aaliyah | Back & Forth 
This was the first CD I ever bought and I still rinse it out to this day. It really is one of them 90's feel good tunes that bring back good memories. I must have been about 4 or 5 when I first heard this and all I wanted to do was be in the video and show everyone my best Salt 'N' Pepa dance.

5. Michael Jackson | Bad
Who's Bad?... *MJ scream*... I think that's enough said.

6. John Legend | Used To Love U
Mr. Legend took me to Church with this track and once I heard it, I became an instant fan. His tone is infectious. The richness to his voice just oozes Soul. I love Music that makes you feel like you been transported to another Time or Dimension and this does that.

7. James Blake | The Wilhelm Scream
Modern Day Soul to Perfection. I came across this track quite a while after he released his first album. And I was stunned because it was exactly what I was looking for in Music at the time. I needed something deeply Soulful, Simple, Cinematic and Reminiscent and this with all his other tracks gave me exactly that. It crosses so many genres and always leaves you wanting more.

8. Marc Nelson | 15 Mins
The Ultimate Morning After Riddim... *slow grinds*...

9. Usher | Climax
There were too many Usher tracks to choose from, but this one right here was the one that I felt was written for me. Literally came at the perfect time. Flawless Vocals and Haunting Melodies, all over a Diplo Production. It was bound to be the Perfect Recipe for a Hit.

10. Dazz Band | You Are My Starship (Urbanstar Mix)
I think I'm having my Carlton moment. 'Cause no matter where I am or who I'm with... If the DJ drops this track it's all over. From the get go the bass just grabs you and makes you move. It's definitely a Classic FloorFiller and should always be played at weddings, birthdays, christenings, bar mitzvahs and any other Social Gathering.