WARMER MIXTAPES #770 | by Owen James Lloyd of Capulets, The Illuminati and Longfellow

1. Nick Drake | Place To Be
All of Nick’s songs are written with a masterful Simplicity that never ceases to intoxicate me.

2. Manchester Orchestra | Tony The Tiger
I certainly found this band a lot later than most, but in my opinion they’re still massively Underappreciated in the UK. Andy Hull writes lyrics with an unnerving Intimacy and at the end of each song you feel like you’ve been on a journey through his Subconscious. They paint an epic soundscape with heart-wrenching Honesty.

3. Frightened Rabbit | Poke
When I first discovered Frightened Rabbit’s The Midnight Organ Fight it possessed a strange Poetic Crudity that instantly caught my attention. Scott Hutchison uses words that only he could translate into something so Beautiful.

4. Jeff Buckley | Grace
This is one of my All-Time favourite tracks, and has always been a source of Inspiration that I can return to again and again. Each time I listen to it I focus on new lines and intricacies that over the years have helped shape the way I Write. It’s one of those Never-Ending resources.

5. Loreena McKennitt | Dante’s Prayer
Loreena has one of those rare voices that seem to stir an Archaic sense of Spirituality. Her Song Arrangements and Instrumentation bridge the gap between World and Soundtrack Music, ticking all my late night listening boxes.

6. The Killers | This River Is Wild
The Killers baptized me into the World of Indie Rock & Roll when I was fourteen years old and this track embodies everything I Love about Brandon’s Writing. Lyrical Sincerity and Melodic Poignancy delivered with an Iconic sense of Theatre.

7. Alison Krauss + Union Station | New Favorite
Ethereal vocals and First Class Songwriting, Alison never fails to hit heartstrings I never knew I had.

8. Toto | Africa
This song always finds a way to bathe me in pleasant Nostalgia, as my father would always champion it on long journeys whilst I was growing up. It’s Melodic Pop bliss with just enough angst to keep me thoroughly addicted.

9. The Tallest Man On Earth | Where Do My Bluebird Fly
I’m never entirely sure what Kristian is singing about, but I think that’s part of the Mystique that makes his Music so Appealing. His beguiling Ambiguity and Acoustic Prowess are very much apparent in this tune.

10. Loner | Into The Ether
This is one of those tracks a friend randomly dropped into my Spotify playlist that, with its Hypnotic charm, has found its way into being one of my favorites. It’s some kind of Euphoric Electronic Chill-Out that continually puts me into a great headspace.