1. The Kinks | Shangri-La
The whole Arthur album is so outstanding for me... I think there is some serious Magic to this song. We all dream of it, but for most it is the unattainable. But we dream nonetheless. This is Ray Davies at his best!

2. The Smiths | I Want The One I Can't Have
I grew up idolizing The Smiths. They were everything to me in my youth. Every word was Gospel and I never used to like anyone who didn't like them... Not much has changed really.

3. The Go-Betweens | Cattle And Cane
This song is so unique and so Australian. A song with imagery so vivid you are instantly transported back to the memories of childhood, growing up in this wild land. An Antipodean masterpiece.

4. Fripp & Eno | The Heavenly Music Corporation
The masters of Drone and Minimalism. Any Fripp or Eno will do when I want to float downstream.

5. Talk Talk | The Rainbow
Mark Hollis is a genius. I don't say that about just anyone. He saw the Music Industry as corrupt and with no Moral code, so he rebelled against it by making beautiful Minimal Pocket Symphonies like this.

6. The Velvet Underground | Ocean (Demo) 
Just a Demo track which was later released on the Loaded Outtake album. I think it's the best Lou Reed song he ever wrote... Spacemen 3, Spiritualized and Spectrum built a career out of trying to sound like it.

7. Chris Bell | I Am The Cosmos
An untainted moment of Enlightenment captured in a perfect Pop song.

8. The Waterboys | Fisherman's Blues
If you want to go drinking with me, then put this or The Pogues on the jukebox, pull up a couple of bar stools and make mine a double. Mike Scott, I love you!

9. Tom Waits | The Piano Has Been Drinking
Later that night, if we are still standing, put this on... So ramshackle and so funny... Only Tom Waits can pull it off!

10. The Triffids | Wide Open Road
A song that strikes at the very heart of Loneliness. We have all been there. So beautifully sad it hurts every time I listen to it. Another Australian Masterwork.