WARMER MIXTAPES #795 | by Unknown

1. Switch & Andrea Martin | I Still Love You
I have played this constantly recently. That Vocal carries the track so well, and the range is just unbelievable. Gets me everytime.

2. James Blake | I Never Learnt To Share
James Blake is one of my favourite artists. He definitely has the midas touch, been playing his albums non-stop recently and it has been an absolute joy. Love the way this track builds from just his voice, into shredding synths. Brilliant song.

3. Dr. Dre & Ice Cube | Natural Born Killaz
This has one of the toughest beats going and an All Time favourite of mine. That high synth is an absolute weapon and slices right through everything. One of the songs I wish I'd produced.

4. Danny Scrilla | X
That fucking bassline.

5. joeFarr | FO (Truss Edit)
They don't come much tougher than this. Listen to it all the time, it's just pure energy. Unfortunately haven't had the pleasure of hearing it in a club yet, but the time will come.

6. DJ Luck And MC Neat | Masterblaster 2000 (feat. JJ)
DJ Luck And MC Neat meets Stevie Wonder. Summer encapsulated in one song. After Party Special.

7. Pépé Bradock | Mujeres Nerviosas
So, so good. The evolution of it is so unpredictable, but it absolutely kicks off. I Love the fact you never know where it's gonna go or when. Feels so raw and rough, really great track.

8. Burial | Night Bus
In my top 10 ever without fail. So subtle, so moving and will never grow old for me. Very powerful song indeed. Also shows that Burial isn't just a master of Drums and Percussion, he made a real masterpiece with this track, in my opinion.

9. Zomby | A Devil Lay Here
Another song with real subtleties and depth. Definitely my favourite Zomby track. He gets the mood of it bang on, play this near daily.

10. The Album Leaf | Twenty Two Fourteen
Such an incredibly Moving and Emotional song. It builds so steadily and it's very well constructed. It's soothed many a sore head.