WARMER MIXTAPES #848 | by Fergus Miller [Red Sludge/Mexico/Splintered Oar/Bored Nothing] of Milkshake

1. Slint | Don, Aman
This track is from one of my Favorite Albums. The Guitars are so Stark and Simple and leave so much Space in the songs.

2. Wipers | No One Wants An Alien
Great Track from a Great Band. I have a real Soft Spot for This One Particular Mood in Post-Punk; Fast Guitars, Light Chorusing, Morose Melodies, it's Super Present in this song and also a few others I've found like the Early Non-Album Single Jumping Someone Else's Train by The Cure.

3. Elliott Smith | Angeles
I never really paid Attention to this song until about a year ago. I was on the road with my band and I'd drunkenly passed-out in the hallway at this house we were crashing at. I woke up in the Morning in a Daze and heard someone playing this song really gently on Guitar in the Kitchen, it was so Perfect and Surreal, I've Loved it ever since.

4. My Bloody Valentine | You Made Me Realise
I've probably listened to this song More Than Any Other Song That Exists. Such Heavy Vibes, Everything About It Is Perfect, I can remember Hearing it for the First Time. I was about 12 and just being so Freaked Out by the Contrast Between the Melody and the Dissonance.

5. Iggy Pop | I'm Bored
This song is my kind of Punk-Rock.

6. FKA twigs | Papi Pacify
I've really been digging this Lady recently. Her Voice is Serene, and She Deals with Some Full-On Subjects in Her Lyrics. This EP was produced by Arca who has been doing some Amazing Things recently too.

7. The Drones | Jezebel
In my opinion one of the best Australian Bands of the Last 20 years. This track in particular has such an Amalgamation of Influences all Smashed in Together to Make Something Very Distinct. It reminds me of our Convict Past and Drug Trips and Noise-Rock and Shoegaze All At The Same Time.

8. The B-52's | 52 Girls
Another Great Punk-Rock Song, I Love to put this on the Stereo on a Saturday Night when I feel like Getting a bit Silly.

9. Bob Dylan | Ballad Of A Thin Man
This is an Amazing Track for Embracing/Exploring Confusion and Frustration. It has some Weird Imagery and Feelings Floating Around In It. (I was listening to Yer Blues by the Beatles recently and noticed the Central Character referenced by John Lennon.)

10. The Brian Jonestown Massacre | Satellite
I listen to BJM Almost Everyday. They are Guaranteed to Put Me in a Good Mood. This song makes me want to Lay in Grass and Stare Down the Sun.