WARMER MIXTAPES #849 | by Lorand Marton [iv-in]

1. The Smiths | There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
This song reminds me of my Teenage Years, I Always Try to Recreate the Feelings that I Had Then with Music. Teenage Years are Pure Inspiration for me.

2. Rusko | Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman)
The Best Song to Make Love. Pure Flow of Feelings.

3. The Cure | Friday I’m In Love
This song is my All-Time Favorite from The Cure. Reminds me of a Very Special Person and the Feelings I Had for Her, She’s also a Big Inspiration in my Music.

4. Kid Cudi | Soundtrack 2 My Life
I Relate Very Much To This Song. It’s the Story of my Life, except I don’t have Siblings. This will be definitely on my Funeral Playlist.

5. The Knife | Heartbeats
The Verses are Excellent. It’s the Perfect Adventure for me and I really Love Karin Dreijer’s Voice.

6. Depeche Mode | Freelove
Depeche Mode is one of my Favorite Bands. It’s in my Music For The Soul folder. This song describes my Feelings and the Love I Get and Give.

7. Aretha Franklin | I Say A Little Prayer (Dionne Warwick Cover)
I really like the Vibe of this song, I Love Jazz, it’s one of my Major Influential Genres. Aretha creates songs from Love with Love for People who Love Something or Somebody. The song expresses Strong Feelings, you can Hear it in her Voice too.

8. Louis Armstrong | Le Vie En Rose (Édith Piaf Cover)
This one brings me waaaay back in Time. I would have Loved to Live in those Jazzy Ages. The Trumpet just Cries For You, and it’s a song that combines Love with Happiness and a Little Bit of Sadness.

9. Ennio Morricone | Love Theme (Cinema Paradiso Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Cinema Paradiso is one of my Favorite Movies, it shows How People can Fall in Love with Something and Struggle to Get That Thing and Do That Thing. It’s Amazing How It Can Express Multiple Feelings At Once, like Love and the Feeling of Losing Something, it almost makes me Cry.

10. The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Castles Made Of Sand
Nothing Lasts Forever, We Should Remember This, and this song is Sad, but it Wakes People Up that they should NOT Build Castles In The Sand and Focus on Spiritual Things and Take Care of their Souls. Material Things Goes Away.