WARMER MIXTAPES #892 | by Louis Sterling [AUXX]

1. Flying Lotus | Zodiac Shit 
This track is absolutely crazy. Probably the best kind of thing to listen to when you’re tripping the fuck out. The actual Melody of the track has a very Reflective feel, yet the loud and overly-compressed Percussion really toys with your emotions. Since I first heard this on Cosmogramma about a year and a half ago, there have been thousands of times where I have literally kept this track on replay. As a Beatmaker, Fly Lo never fails to impress me. At all.

2. Juj | Chandelier (Sleepwalk)
If I’m keeping calm I always listen to the Chilled kind of Electronic Hip Hop. Piano Samples on a Beat is my kind of thing. Juj is really Abstract with his works, so this isn’t the same kind of Boom Bap as to other typical Hip Hop beats. The Percussion is extremely off-Beat, and the Piano is overly repetitive. But that's why I fucking love it. It's a sample that hits you hard... Making you feel Depressed and Motivational at the same time… I know, It’s a mind fuck, but I suggest you check it out. It really deserves more listeners if you ask me.

3. Bill Evans | A Time For Love (Jackie Ward Cover)
My family’s background is pretty much based around the Piano. I used to hate that Classical Music shit, but Hip Hop really introduced to new genres like Soul, Funk and Jazz. Bill Evans was a crazy Pianist, who had a very Emotional, calm and soothing kind of style. The entire Composition and Melody of this track is something I will always love, which is why I have put it onto my top 10.

4. Freddie Joachim | Baiser
Samples, Samples, Samples. This track has an amazing Sample which creates the initial Melody for the track. Norman Connors over Freddie Joachim's Drums? You can’t get any better. Real Jazzy influences... Yet very soulful too. It’s a type of tune that you would dim the lights and sip red wine to. Not like I have ever fucking done that though.

5. Lee Moses | California Dreaming (The Mamas & The Papas Cover)
Lee Moses was an exceptional Soul Singer and Musician. He had the Vocals of James Brown with the Melodies of Hendrix. His Music was a Movement, and may his legacy live on! This track is very soulful, and had many styles which lead onto the Creation of Hip Hop! It's a Joyful and positive track that needs to get out there and really be heard more. R.I.P., Lee Moses.

6. Freddie Joachim | Glass
Another track by Freddie Joachim that I had been bumping for weeks on end. This time Freddie used a Sample from the famous Jazz pianist Robert Glasper. The Sample is only Two Bars, but he layered it with various Pads and Percussions to really draw the listeners attention. This Beat has a very clean and Authentic Sound. Sounds absolutely incredible every time.

7. DJ Shadow | Transmission 2 
The Rhodes on this are amazing. They have a very thick Sound, literally filling up all empty spaces you usually hear in most tracks these days. The Rhodes have been EQ’d so that it also acts as a Bass. And as you can see, DJ Shadow was very clever with his approach to Sampling. Very clever. But long story short, this is a track that you really feel with your emotions. A little Melancholy and very Motivational! Easily a good 9/10 for me.

8. J Dilla | Waves
Like DJ Shadow, J Dilla was the King of Sampling on the Akai MPC. This track was made out of a Two Seconds Sample, so everytime I hear this I am always impressed. This track sounds very interesting, and with slight Panning on the Sample it sounds very Abstract. Something you want to listen to repetitively in order to get an answer for how he did it. The even worse part is that he is no longer around to share his secret. R.I.P., Jay Dee.

9. Conehead | 時間流 (Time Flow)  
Conehead is a Beatmaker from China, and is also a good friend of mine. His works are very Abstract and Hard-Hitting, which is why I am absolutely in love with this Beat. Kind of makes me think of the rough stages of my Life, but then again we all feel differently with different songs. The Sample consists of a mellow Spanish Guitar, later dropping into loud Kick Drums and snappy Snares. Something to listen to when you need to let out the Anger... Haha.

10. Sweetie IrieExtra Extra (Double A's Original Mix)  
This is one of those tracks that makes you think of the Past. Coming from Birmingham I was constantly hearing my uncles and cousins play Garage tracks - coming into the early Grime scene. I just love every aspect of the track... The Vocals... Strings... Mix. Something I will be playing for years to come from now.