WARMER MIXTAPES #893 | by Mensah Anderson [Mensah/New York Transit Authority]

1. Georg Friedrich Händel | Keyboard Suite In D Minor (HWV 437): Sarabande (Performed by National Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor: Leonard Rosenman)
I love Dark Classical Music. This is my Favourite Piece of Music Ever Written even though it's pretty morbid. I just love how it makes me think about Life & the way the Strings feel like they're inside my bones when I hear it. Other favourite pieces are Samuel Barber - Adagio For Strings & Andrea Bocelli - Nessun Dorma.

2. Roni Size | It's Jazzy (Felix Road Remix) 
Named after the road where as a kid I used to play at the Big Adventure Playground, so it has a place in my heart. This track just feels like the Sound of Bristol whilst I was growing up.

3. Prince And The Revolution | When Doves Cry
Makes me wanna dance like MJ!!! Love the Drums on this & the Lyrics are just perfect.

4. Aeroplane | My Enemy 
I was walking through one of my fav Boutique Stores in Brooklyn & this track came on. I stopped, put the clothes I had in my hands down & listened to the whole 6 minutes absolutely blown away by how it was making me feel!!

5. Pusha T | 40 Acres (feat. The-Dream)
Really feeling Pusha T at this moment, so this was a hard track to pick as I could have picked any off of this album. Decided to go with this as it really makes you Stop & Listen plus the Chorus is so beautifully Dark & Emotional it really makes me reflect. The best Hip Hop album of 2013 without a doubt.

6. Joker | Digidesign (Om Unit's Pop Lock Remix)
I don't see this as a Remix, but as a Collaboration. Joker's amazing catchy Lead line with Om Unit's Gangster Groove. Love the extra added Synths & Leads to compliment the already amazing Riff.

7. Lil Louis | French Kiss
Diamond Records X-T-C!! Just love how this track makes me feel. It's the only track that I think captures that true feeling of Ecstasy & love how it slows down & then speeds back up.

8. Instra:mental | Voyeur 
I just love how sleazy the Vocals are in this track & also it came around at a time when the World had gone dust-up crazy, so was really Fresh even though it sounds Old at the same time.

9. Benny Page | Turn Down The Lights 
The ultimate Carnival Drum & Bass track for me. This always puts a smile on my face & reminds me of drinking with friends in summers past...

10. Plan B | ill Manors 
I have to put this in any top 10 for the simple fact it's a big Artist Talking about REAL LIFE matters that are affecting us all. Challenging the System & Provoking Thought. Also the Beat is a banger.