WARMER MIXTAPES #977 | by Keary L. Baldwin II [KIT]

1. OutKast | Prototype
This song is the most special to me because I feel like it helped jumpstart my Music Career. When I heard Love Below, which is one of my Favorite Albums of All Time, I instantly thought to myself... I wanna do Music and I wanna do it now!... The Video is amazing as well. I'm inspired by 3000's Creativity.

2. Gnarls Barkley | Transformer
The Concept of this song is amazing. I Love CeeLo's Melodies. This song means a lot to me. When I heard it for the first time I played it like 100 times straight. The Sounds were so foreign, it was nice.

3. Future | Honest
This song instantly caught my attention, I like small details and Honest is just a little word that can mean a lot. This Beat with Future over it and the crazy Backgroud Vocals... This is my shit for the whole Winter 2013.

4. Jennifer Lopez | All I Have (feat. LL Cool J)
This was the Best Song/Duo of All Time... Hands down in my opinion. The Song Structure was great with the Video, I just remember listening to this song as a child and replaying the Video in Real Life, acting out all the LL Cool J moves, LOL.

5. Sicko Mobb | Hoes Be Goin' (feat. J Cash)
This song is hella ratchet and since I moved to Chicago this is all we play. Boppin' Music is def going to take over soon and this is one of the Anthems. Me and the guys play this every weekend almost.

6. James Blake | Retrograde
Blake to me is one of the Most Talented Artists out right now. This song has a lot of Emotion and Feeling, which I like. This song kind of explains my personality far as the Dark Style Beat, but with thought out Lyrics which gives you a whole another feel of the song.

7. inc. | The Place
We all Love that place. But nobody knows where that place is. This song helped me find that place.

8. JPDREAMTHUG | @ t h l e t e
Just look this up on YouTube and you'll understand why this song was special to me.

9. The Guys | Taxes
They dropped the Best Hook of the Year. Me and my boys discussed this a lot over some beers at the bar down the street.

10. PARTYNEXTDOOR | Break From Toronto
I just fuck with this song a lot. He proved himself to me when I seen the Video for this song. I never seen his face or listened to his Music before I seen this Video. Now I go back and check his other stuff out. That's the same effect I wanna have on people when people see my Videos for the first time.