WARMER MIXTAPES #978 | by Connor Burke [Somni/Ol' Drippy]

1. n o w i n d o w s | Woah.
So this track is tight, then he drops that Artifacts Sample and it’s perfect. I think I was literally frustrated with my lack of Success in finding New Music when I first heard this. Like I was so ambivalent towards everything I was hearing, then this song pops up on STYLSS and I instantly wanted to write something. Anyway, very inspired track.

2. Yung Lean | Kyoto
Sad Boys. This is playing on repeat in my car at the moment. Pretty much everything Yung Gud Produces is Gold. This song reminds me of Gatorade, probably because both sport Yung Gud credits, but either way, the Production is tight and Yung Lean’s Flow is solid. Plus the Video was cool. I need to go to Japan.

3. Yung Gud | Hello
Like I said: Yung Gud. Gold. Everything. Sad Boys.

4. Nicolas Jaar & Theatre Roosevelt | The Ego
This song isn’t recent, but I constantly go back to it. Something about it clicked with me, and I’ve constantly seen it as a go-to song for Inspiration. I keep saying I’m going to Remix it, but haven’t yet. I need to get on that.

5. DJ Smokey x Yung Sherman | Tek 9
This song is beautiful. I’ll listen to this shit on repeat all day. I had a friend show me DJ Smokey a couple months ago when I started getting into Sad Boys, so the collab here is perfect. Yung Sherman’s got some awesome Beats, and I’ll fuck with anything DJ Smokey puts out.

6. Blood Orange | Chamakay
When I first heard this song, it was like hearing a new genre of Music. This song is just so Thematically Tight. Like Everything Sounds So Appropriate. The Chord Progressions and Vocal Melodies are Cathartic as fuck and the whole piece just genuinely puts me in a Positive place.

7. HAYDN | Say My Name (OpenYourEyes)
This song just feels so raw. The Production and the Vocal Sampleeverything’s blended perfectly. It’s got a good swing to it and I just Love the Vocal Sample.

8. Denzel Curry | Threatz (feat. Robb Bank$, Yung Simmie)
I’ve had this song on repeat forever. The Beat is tight, and Yung Simmie kills that second verse. Like Holy Shit. It’s so good.

9. Robb Bank$ | Counting
This is one of my favorite Clams Beats (Gorilla). And then Robb Bank$ just kills it. You can’t go wrong with a Clams Casino Beat. I was playing this in my car the other day on the way to work, got stuck in traffic, put the song on repeat, got to work after an hour of traffic, realized I was still listening to the song. And I’m not even burned out. Great track, definitely one of my favorite Robb Bank$ songs.

10. LIL SAD | U Make Me
This song is awesome. He blends those Witch House vibes with all the Textures of Trap and comes out with this incredible piece. Plus I’m a sucker for good Vocal Samples. So Emotional.