WARMER MIXTAPES #1007 | by Kevin Turner, Steve Allen, Alex Moran (The Seven Deadly Sins) and Graham Longbottom of Quiet As A Mouse

SIDE A | by Graham Longbottom

1. Weezer | I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams 
It's virtually impossible to pick a single Weezer song. But I really like this one.

2. Erik Satie | Gnossienne No.1 (Played by Daniel Varsano)
Was always one of my favourite Composers to play on Piano.

3. Chuck Wood | Seven Days Too Long 
Impossible to Not Dance to.

4. Ron Grainer | Doctor Who Theme (Realised by Delia Derbyshire)
Simply the Ultimate Theme Music for a Show.

5. Dmitri Shostakovich | Symphony No. 5 (Performed by BBC Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Valery Gergiev)
Few things can match the Excitement and Complexity of a Full Orchestra. This is my favourite Symphony.

6. James Blake | I Never Learnt To Share 
Tells a Complex and Affecting Story in so few works.

7. Love | 7 And 7 Is 

8. Mogwai | Mogwai Fear Satan 
The Loud Bit is ace. Especially Live.

9. Dessa | I'm Going Down (Bruce Springsteen Cover)
I Love the Boss, and this is really surprising interpretation from one of my Favourite Albums of 2013.

10. Wild Nothing | Live In Dreams 
I always listen to records when Cooking. And Wild Nothing is perfect for making Risotto to.

SIDE B | by Steve Allen

1. Doves | There Goes The Fear
Doves have been my Favourite Band for a long long time, they always use incredible Visuals at Gigs and this always takes me back to the Sun Setting at many a Festival with this belting out, is nothing better, and the Brazillianesque Drum Outro is Epic...

2. Biffy Clyro | Joy.Discovery.Invention 
Biffy for me are one of the Best Bands at Joining Big Riffs to Quiet Melodic Riffs, and again seeing this for the first time Live and the Noise a 3 piece could make inspire my Guitar Writing immensely.

3. Oasis | Supersonic
Simply as soon as I heard that first Riff I wanted to learn Guitar to Play it, and the way I initially taught myself was to just watch Noel Gallagher, so I kind of owe my Musical Career to them...

4. The Beatles | The Long And Winding Road
This was one of my Mother's favourite songs, she was the only one in my family who had previously showed any interest/Love in Music, and was a mad Beatlemaniac, so hearing this just brings me straight back to her.

5. Nirvana | Smells Like Teen Spirit 
Can't forget the first time I heard the Opening Guitar Line and the Drum Intro, was such a Statement to me, and not only made me want to nail the Guitar but made me want to Drum too.

6. Coldplay | The Scientist 
This reminds me of travelling back from an Airport saying Goodbye to a good friend, and having been a big fan of the first album just instantly Loved this song and everything about it, I remember listening to it on the Radio, and just repeating it over and over, I knew they would be huge.

7. Muse | Muscle Museum  
I remember my Bass Player at the time saying about Muse, but hadn't heard of them, he booked us tickets to see them at Portsmouth Pyramids on their first album Tour and gave me the CD, I just stopped on this track and was hooked on how Massive and Crazy they Sounded, then to the Pyramids where it was crazy and crowd surfed 'til I couldn't stand...

8. Foo Fighters | This Is A Call  
I remember getting to see an early Show of the Foos and not convinced the mighty Dave Grohl could front a band was quickly proved wrong when I heard this, everytime I hear it I'm right back at Brixton Academy.

9. Metallica | Master Of Puppets 
This always makes me think of my Origins in Music, I had been bought up on 80's Metal. Europe, Bon Jovi by my older Sister, and we would drive to the New Forest on a weekend with a Stereo in the back of an old Austin Alegro. I remember hearing this and just made me want to play Guitar and Solo as great as James Hetfield & Kirk Hammett.

10. Stereophonics | Same Size Feet 
This is Cardif Arena 2005 all over and that is that... Always been a huge Phonics fan, and me and my best pal would go see every album Tour, but this one stands out big time as they had gone off the boil with having loads of Session Musicians on Tour, then this album came out and was big.

+11. Travis | All I Wanna Do Is Rock 
This just takes me back to the first band I played in, had got the album and just seen them Live and this blew me away, I Loved how Andy Dunlop would take his Guitar off on the Solo and mount his Amp, was just cool as...

SIDE C | by Alex Moran

1. The Strokes | Juicebox
Bands like The Strokes & The Vines were important bands for me growing up as I picked up on them pretty early into their careers so I felt more invested in their Success. Although, by the time First Impressions Of Earth came out I had become pretty tired of them, mainly because it seemed that most of the new bands coming out copied them especially their Guitar Sound. But this song instantly became the best thing they had and will ever do.

2. Death Cab For Cutie | Title And Registration
This is a band which I only got into the last couple of years and have now become one of my favourites. Transatlanticism was the first record of theirs I heard and it took about a week of listening to it none stop to figure out how much I Loved it.

3. Ryan Adams | Come Pick Me Up
When I bought Gold I didn’t really know him or his songs. I am so glad I did as he’s probably my Favourite Songwriter. It still makes no sense to me why he is so undervalued and underrated. No one depicts Sadness as well as Ryan especially on Heartbreaker and this song.

4. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds | Abattoir Blues
I Love the simple Rhythm and the Atmosphere it creates. I’d like to talk to him about Suit Jackets.

5. Wilco | Jesus, Etc.
Great Pop song that in Another World would have been a Hit Single. Jeff Tweedy always reminds me of a young Harvey Keitel so that can only mean one thing, he is a badass.

6. Babyshambles | Fuck Forever
It might have only been a two or three year period but during this time Pete Doherty was the Most Exciting and Best British Songwriter since Morrissey. Songs like this and For Lovers are Perfect.

7. Radiohead | There There
Probably my favourite Drum Beat in a Rock Song. Oh, and Jonny Greenwood.

8. Kanye West | I Am A God
He is a massive Pop Star and for him to now make the Most Interesting, Brave and Exciting Music of his career is an Inspiration to me. Passion, Emotions and Thoughts are what Music should be about.

9. Nas | Made You Look
Gunshot Hooks. Incredible Lyrics. The Perfect Nas Song.

10. Cat Power | Maybe Not
If I could Sing with one person it would be Chan Marshall.

SIDE D | by Kevin Turner

1. Kings Of Leon | Closer
This is a song that's shows the Power of Kings Of Leon! 3 Chords played repeatedly through out with them layering more Guitar parts on top! From wailing Guitars to a eerie Opening Bass Line.

2. The Kinks | Lola
What a great song! Lyrics are so Descriptive you feel you were almost in the Club in Nottingham!

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers | Otherside 
Arguably the song that made me fall in Love with Music! The Opening Bass/Guitar Line is beautiful followed by a brilliant Vocal delivery from Anthony! A cracking Break Down followed by a tiny 4 Bar Solo, but does enough in that Solo to add so much extra Feeling to the song! Also rumoured to be the only song to make the Guitarist cry.

4. Radiohead | Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Wow, that Opening Guitar Line sets the perfect Tone for that whole song! Depressing Lyrics with Depressing Vocal that's amazing! Incredible band.

5. Buzzcocks | Ever Fallen In Love... (With Someone You Shouldn't've)  
Just a fantastic little 2 min 50 sec song that's gets everyone up on the Dance Floor in the Club! Also a true Lyric!
6. Ryan Adams | Wonderwall (Oasis Cover)
My only Cover to make the list! A far superior song to the Original and sung and played the way I felt it should have Originally! A lot more Emotion all 'round!

7. Led Zeppelin | Stairway To Heaven
My Dad's Favourite Song! Starts of as a Epic Ballad that changes into an Epic Rock Song the moment the Solo kicks in! To this day it still sends shivers down my spine!

8. Kings Of Leon | Black Thumbnail  
The second Kings so to make it! Just an all 'round Amazing Rock Song! From the Opening Guitar and Vocals before the rest of the band come crashing in! A great and simple Solo with and Epic Bass fill almost mini Solo in there as well!

9. The Rolling Stones | Gimme Shelter 
From the Opening Harmonics to the Fade Out it's just an Epicly Cool Song! Vocal Doodles at start with a Brilliant Male/Female duet throughout! and just a cracking solo that makes you feel great!

10. The Beatles | I Am The Walrus 
It was hard not to say all the Beatles stuff, but I chose this one as I just feel it shows how far out the Beatles where in their peak of Drug Taking! From nonsense Lyrics to the Organ Sound to the Violins that all slowly build up to Noise!