WARMER MIXTAPES #1009 | by Jun Minowa [Yawning] and Satoshi Ikeda of Gargle

SIDE A | by Jun Minowa

1. Eluvium | Under The Water It Glowed
I discovered this song on TRL Website and was absolutely captivated by his Music. His first show in Tokyo in 2004 was memorable for me. It was at a very small venue hosted by Mono. I luckily had a chat with him. Right after getting home, I wrote a small piece of Music to remember the beautiful evening.

2. Stars Of The Lid | A Meaningful Moment Through A Meaning(less) Process
It’s hard to choose one song from the album. The Sound and the Composition of the album And Their Refinement Of The Decline are totally Amazing. And this is a perfect Soundtrack when it’s hard to find anyone around.

3. Mono | Halo
It may sound exaggerated, this band changed my Life in many ways. When I first saw their Show more than a decade ago, I felt as if I saw a gleam of Light in the Dark while they were playing this song and some others. It might not be the best option from their songs, but a great song anyway.

4. Nirvana | Lithium
I was really into Nirvana and still Love their songs. This song was a Liberation from Self-Denial for me. Be that as it may, it’s one of the Greatest Rock Tunes in the History.

5. Arvo Pärt | Spiegel Im Spiegel (Performed by Vladimir Spivakov and Sergej Bezrodny)
If my memory is correct, this was the Arvo Pärt song I first listened to. I am really glad I discovered his Music within my own Lifetime. Listening to this song makes me feel as if every Note carries its Emotion and the Silence between the Notes Speaks. Obviously, he is one of the Greatest Composers Nowadays.

6. World’s End Girlfriend | We Are The Massacre
This song often brings tears into my eyes. When I compile a Mix CD, for instance for a Concert we organize, this song is always a must.

7. Bosques De Mi Mente | Los Titánicos Esfuerzos De Una Bicicleta Oxidada Por Avanzar
Looking back at the times when MySpace was Popular, it was like my only snug playground. I fell in Love with his Music at first listening. After a short while, we started exchanging our Music, then shared the stage in Madrid, and ended up making a collaborative album which has been released last year.

8. Hammock | Breathturn
It was on YouTube when I first listened to this song. The boy playing by himself in the Video reminds me of my Childhood even though I was probably not such an imaginative boy as him. This is my All-Time Favorite Hammock Tune.

9. Mercury Rev | Holes
The album Deserter’s Songs was on a CD Player at Virgin Megastore in Shinjuku then and the song captured my heart soon. Listening to this song makes me feel like I’m reading a Novel in a Lamplight.

10. OVUM | Blessing
Blessing is on their latest album but they have played it Live over the years. I personally happened to receive a Rehearsal Take of this song in .mp3 from one of the members several years ago. From then on, it’s been one of my favorite songs of them. Glad it's finally on the album.

SIDE B | by Satoshi Ikeda

1. King Crimson | Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part One
When I listened to this Music in Bootleg Video for the first time, I thought that this was a Jam Session. But I heard the same performance in a record. This is a Confusion that was built sophisticatedly.

2. David Sylvian & Robert Fripp | Darshan (The Road To Graceland)
I was too young to understand a good point when I listened to this song at first. Now I Love this song. The way I use a Looper with my Accordion is affected by Frippertronics of Robert Fripp.

3. KTU | Optikus
The Music of Kimmo Pohjonen showed the Potential of the Accordion to me. This song encouraged me when I started playing Accordion in Gargle very much.

4. Astor Piazzolla | Invierno Porteño (Performed by Gidon Kremer & Kremerata Baltica)
Piazzolla expressed the Beauty of Life, in a way having described the Bitterness of Life through Music in a Consistent way. It is his influence that I began Accordion.

5. Madredeus | O Pastor
A Sound to Affect a Heart Calmly. I do not understand the Portuguese. But I understand what kind of song this is when I hear the Singing Voice. This is the Power of Music.

6. Steindór Andersen | Á Ferð Til Breiðafjarðar Vorið 1922 (with Sigur Rós)
A great song consisting of Minimum Sound with the Perfectly Arranged Notes and the Magnificent Voice. This is the Power of Music too.

7. Ryuichi Sakamoto | Parolibre
Beautiful. When I was young, I listened to this Music many times and played it myself. Being affected so much, the strong influence of Ryuichi Sakamoto can be heard in my Music in many ways.

8. Yellow Magic Orchestra | Happy End
Although this does not Sound like a Happy Feeling at all, this is a Sound of Happy End. The band described the song as the Sound of the Scattering Flower That Unseasonably Bloomed in the early 80s. I guess the Sound was Happy for them. I, of course, didn’t understand it when I first listened to it.

9. Momus | Summer Holiday 1999
A Song of Uncomprehension and Fatal Amount of Despair.

10. Thomas Dolby | The Key To Her Ferrari
This song knocked me out for these three reasons. 1. It was a Band Sound. Before that, he was known as a Synth-Pop Musician. 2. Nevertheless the song was very cool and the other songs on the album as well. 3. The Lyrics were so Silly and Nonsense. Even if we make an album in an Entirely Different Style, please do not be surprised!