WARMER MIXTAPES #1010 | by Magnus Wahlström (Diktendo, My Life In Pixels, Etapp2, Etikett, Citylights) of Boat Club

1. The Wake | O Pamela 
Don't know who Pamela is, but I'd like to meet her. In any case it's one of the greats from one of the Most Influential Bands (for me personally). Dreamy and Geniously Simple, it's the Atmosphere I always wish I could achieve.

2. The Chemical Brothers | Star Guitar 
Originally got hooked for this thru the Director of the Video, Michel Gondry. It shows the view from a Train window, in perfect Sync with the Music. Again Genious in it's Simplicity. It's what all views should look like when listening to good Music, the World Should Transform And Become One With The Music.

3. Cocteau Twins | Amelia 
This was my Introduction to the Biggest Musical Love Of My Adult Life - the Twins. I'm forever greateful to whoever nodded in their direction (?). Not much to be said, just one of those tracks (and bands) that I just close my eyes to and float away to.

4. The Radio Dept. | Pulling Our Weight
I have often stated that this is the Best Swedish Song Ever, and that might be a fact. If there was a Nobel Prize for Bass Lines, this would have snatched it for sure.

5. Fint Tillsammans | Det Mentala
Underrated Swedes Fint Tillsammans (nice together), of which I got the tip from my Dad. Highly Original and Mysterious, they have stuck with me for many years. They turned me on to Guitar-Layering.

6. Saint Etienne | Only Love Can Break Your Heart (feat. Moira Lambert) (Neil Young Cover)
Except stating the obvious, Saint Etienne has been a Big Influence on Boat Club, and Remixed one of our tracks. To us they stand for an Era, of which this song is the Title Track.

7. Christina Rosenvinge | Frozen Pool 
This album I found thru Sonic Youth, and Steve Shelley's Record Label Smells Like Records (Steve Shelley, who's number I used to have in my cell for some reason). Amazing Record.

8. The Knife | Heartbeats (Silent Shout: An Audio Visual Experience DVD, Live In Gothenburg, 2006) 
I am so bummed I missed this Show back in 2006 in my home town. This Live Remix is amazing. I did get to see them last year at the Way Out West Festival, and their Live Performances(!) will forever prove that Music is Best Experienced Live (or at least that Live shows are a forum that can always be made exciting and interesting. Music Shouldn't Stop Evolving just because it's sent to Pressing.)

9. Bouquet | Summer Swirl 
If you ever feel the need for an Indie Card to keep up your sleeve, this is it. Totally Awesome Band. This song is one of the Most Played Songs On My Speakers Thrughout The Years. If you can find it, enjoy!

10. The Field | Night 
My latest Musical Crush, The Field. Also seen on the Way Out West Festival here in Gothenburg a few years back. I Love how he merges Techno with Live Drums and Bass Live. He is really the most important release on Kompakt in my book. The fact that he also has Sampled number 3 on this list, makes him just that much awesomer...