WARMER MIXTAPES #1011 | by Jason Bramer and Alex Bramer [Objectlife] of In On It

SIDE A | by Alex Bramer

1. mvnners | Waking Up
This song is Lush, Delicate, and Beautiful. Soothing Guitar picking Flows around Layers of powerful Vocal Samples, accompanied by unpredictable bouts of Percussion. This song is Relaxing, Hypnagogic, and brings back a lot of Memories.

2. Mornings | À La Rentrée
Nostalgic Guitar Picking and a heavily side-chained Kick Drum formulate into a bed in which a deep Synth Bass is added to, along with some highly welcomed Clap Samples. Later on some very dry Electric Bass stabs are introduced too, and the complex Rhythmic Elements dance about. The feel of this track is what gets me every time I listen to it, it's something I find beautifully unforgettable.

3. Washed Out | Paracosm
Washed Out has always been one of my favorites from the Chillwave scene. I Love all of his work, but the Title Track on Paracosm is my All Time Favorite. The Melody is very Nostalgic and Dreamy, but later at the end of the song, changes to a very Hopeful feeling, it's very comforting. I put the entire album on to put me to sleep almost every night.

4. Peter Gabriel | I Have The Touch
One of my favorite Peter Gabriel tracks of All Time. I Love everything about it. The Vocals, Percussion, Guitar, Keyboards. But most of all, the Bassline in the Chorus. Tony Levin completely nails it. Combine that with Chants in the Background urging you to shake those hands... This track really makes me want to move.

5. The Knife | The Captain
My favorite song off Silent Shout, as well as one of the Most Inspirational Artists I've Ever Heard. This song is Dark, Evil, and Impossible To Stop Dancing To. It opens with a swelling array of Delayed Synths, but when Karin Dreijer's shrill, Layered Vocals come in, the mood becomes even more haunting. The Tom Fills that Bridge the Music to the Vocals are extremely cool.

7. Another Green World | In Dreams 
I actually own this album on Cassette, it's still my favorite from Another Green World. This track just feels Real, if that makes sense. Analog Synths and Vintage Drum Machines are combined with Alec West's Heavily Effected Vocals and Guitar Lines to create this Dreamy, Hazy Atmosphere that stays consistent throughout the entire album.

8. Fever Ray | Concrete Walls
The closest thing to Peter Gabriel that isn't actually him, Fever Ray. I Love her work with her brother Olof as The Knife, as well as her heavily Percussive and Haunting Side Project. This particular track is my favorite because of her Singing. Her Layered Vocals make you feel like your being sung to by a person possesed by some Dark Entity-Scary, but Awesome. Between Verses droning swells of Synths are heard, which are Smooth and Rich. The clever Percussive Elements add Uniqueness and help build the Sinister Tone of the song.

9. Wild Beasts | End Come Too Soon
A very Emotional song filled with an array of Guitars, Acoustic Piano, clever Rhythm, and Hayden Thorpe's Powerful, Falsetto Vocals. During the song there is a 2 minute long Atmospheric Break that slowly builds up Momentum, and then peaks, returning to the main idea. It's really moving.

10. Spazzkid | Kokeshi Doll
I first heard Spazzkid by clicking a Recommended Video link on YouTube, the track was titled 40 Winks. I ended up really enjoying it, and now am a big fan of all his work, but my favorite song is Kokeshi Doll. It opens with just a Guitar, but begins growing a Layer of deep Sub Bass, Synth Stabs, and lots of Percussion. Eventually once it's fully formed, a sharp Synth Pad is held out, and is joined by a heavily side-chained Kick Drum. Later on the Guitar idea is re-introduced, but this time, it mutates, and begins Detuning. It all comes together at the end of the song where all the Synths, Guitar, and Percussion dance around the side-chained and now, much faster Beat.

+11. Alphaville | Big In Japan
One of my Favorite 80's Tracks. The Bass Synth's Rhythm is very catchy, and reminds me of a song by Washed Out called Olivia. The Chorus is very catchy as well, and I always find my self Singing along to it. Another thing about this song is the Instrumentation. All the Synth Sounds and Percussion work very well together on this track.

+12. Teeel | Temple Of The Sun
I'm a big fan of Teeel and his Label, Synthemesc Records. This particular track has several awesome parts to it. First off, is the Synth Arp that joins the Bassline in the beginning. It's very Jumpy and makes me want to Dance. After the Arp comes in, it is soon joined by a smooth Guitar part that is a perfect lead-in to the lush Vocals. Another great section is when it returns to the Original Verse, but this time, makes the Kick Drum more Complex, and it's all just really cool.

+13. Miami Nights 1984 | Ocean Drive
This is in my opinion, the Best Song from the Outrun Genre. It has all the things that makes Outrun great, side-chained Kicks that run through heavy Synth Bass Arps and Dreamy Pads. A good pause where the Kick Drum is dropped for a while, and then re-introduced with a now heavier section of Synths. But what makes this song so good is the Solo. The exciting Synth Solo that takes over the song and carries you to right to the very end is as good as it gets. MN84 is also the founder of Rossa Corsa Records, which is full of Synthwave and Outrun greats which I also enjoy listening to all the time.

+14. Greyhat | Missed
I first heard this song on a Compilation Cassette from a great Tape Label, Graveyard Orbit. I was intrigued by the way song was structured. It was in ways, kind of New to me. But it grew on me quick. It combines heavy, sharp Synth Pads, Samples from random Radio Stations, a girl crying, and muffled conversations of noisy crowds. It's an incredible song, full of Emotion, and Excitement. But it also has a very Chilled, and Mellow side to it as well.

+15. Hibou | Above Us
I heard this song on the same Compilation Cassette as Greyhat. I really liked the Lo-Fi, Indie-Surf Rock feel to it. It's like a Misty Haze of Dreamy Guitar Tones, Effected Vocals, and Fast Drums. I also really enjoy the Vocals, they compliment the Music very well.

SIDE B | by Jason Bramer

1. Yeasayer | Madder Red
In my humble opinion this is a High Water Mark for Yeasayer. A perfect blend of Eastern Psychedelic, Electronic, and Pop. Moody, yet Uplifting. Surprisingly Organic. At 2:16, when the Synths start to swell under the Vocal Melody, it is impossible not to sing along.

2. Wild Beasts | The Fun Powder Plot
First heard this song Live at Lollapalooza. It's easy to get lost in the Hypnotic Rhythm. The song could literally go on Forever. The Always Amazing Vocals of Hayden Thorpe glide over the Top with no Friction. You're drawn in like an Insect to the Light.

3. The Knife | A Tooth For An Eye
Karin Sounding Possessed by Other Worldly Voices immediately transforms you into a Place Out of This World. Rhythms bouncing off Rhythms, this song builds Layer by Layer into a Fevered Pitch.

4. Fever Ray | I’m Not Done
A Scandinavian Folk Chant, if there is such a thing. This song makes me want to set Fire in the Snow. It slowly starts to move forward until it gains enough Momentum to remind me of what Peter Gabriel was trying to accomplish on Security. No other Artist has come this close.

5. Peter Gabriel | Lay Your Hands On Me
This song makes me want to paint my face like a monkey and wash the dishes. One of the Best Voices in History Since We've Been Walking Upright. Peter Gabriel was able to take Rhythms as Primal as a Heartbeat and Heal You like a Rain Forest Shaman. The Drum Circle and Chants that close the song are well worth the wait.

6. Jean Michel Jarre | Magnetic Fields Part 1
The First Song That I Ever Heard That Was Entirely Electronic. Even though the Music is Devoid of Human Touch, it packs a lot of Emotion.

7. Mr. Bungle | Sweet Charity
The great Mike Patton with Unlimited Vocal Tracks, what could be better? He stated in an interview that it would be impossible to Mix this song again.

8. Ishraqiyun | Balance Of The 19
Absolutely speechless how this could come out of one person's brain. Trey Spruance is a Genius. Mixing together Sounds and Rhythms that could only be generated from an Unique Mind.

9. Battles | Futura 
The closest thing to a Human Drum Machine, John Stanier tries his hardest to break both his wrists in perfect time. A truly Unique Three Piece with Staccato Rhythms and Key Stabs. This is what Music should Sound like in 10 years.

10. Pink Floyd | Echoes 
If I was trapped on a Deserted Island with a hand cranked Cassette Player, this would be the only song I would need. Sometimes it's not what you Play, it's What You Don't Play that Makes a Difference. This song breathes like a Living Entity. When I listen to this song, I like to imagine Being on the Back of an Albatross Flying Around like the Kid from The Never-Ending Story.