WARMER MIXTAPES #1449 | by Daniel Dorobanţu of NAVE, Moebius Strip and Thy Veils

1. Jon Hassell | Last Night The Moon Came
…Like an invisible blanket, large as The Horizon; a warm tide that offers the perfect conditions to float and marvel; a detailed and articulated transmission from a good friend's heart, whispered as a story, while surrounded by the quiet everything.

2. Aglaia | Shanti Mudra
After discovering this song, it became the soundtrack of my home for about 2 months. At a quiet volume, it played continuously and welcomed me when coming back from the city or from sleep. It floats like the air of a dream; usually it makes me feel as a greenhouse built from the vegetation it contains; gentle and discreet; or as a river, feeling the lands it touches; the sonic poetry of organic systems.

3. Brendan Perry | Voyage Of Bran
Enchanting guitar sound and the presence of a master storyteller and an unknown friend. Sailing the Milky Way; the World reflects into itself and we feel at home since we are and are not at the same time. The Flame winks.

From the ashes to the astral plain...
Where the Setting Sun meets the Sea, Brendan.

4. Harry Gregson-Williams | Burning The Past (Kingdom Of Heaven Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Blue Light of Dawn; Clarity of Air and Mind; Here and Now; Who is seeing itself through me? This question tickles; Warping the Body with Cloth; the Sky exhales Kindness.

5. Vangelis | Ask The Mountains‬ (with Stina Nordenstam)
Like packing lightly for a subtle adventure; fragile as Sunlight; hide and seek and whirlpools.
Please don't follow me along
When you read this I'll be gone.
Ask the mountains, springs and fountains...

6. The Cure | The Same Deep Water As You
Spellbinding melodies, ascending columns of warm air; let’s name it Architecture of Empathy, my friend; Water is Life; hearing the wood burning, the house is prepared for a guest.

7. Laurie Anderson | Life On A String
Metafloral Ikebana; a song that makes me remember walks I never had; floating newspapers in a city where Time flows oblique; sending postcards to future friends; inquisitive and generous; effervescent alignment.

8. The Moors | Moon Meditation And Prayer (Rioghainn Na H-Oidhch: Queen Of The Night)
I like to travel and explore my country and many times this song is my companion. Through a story told by the Wind, the World unravels itself as a blossoming flower; windmills and translucent glimpses of Time; invisible motions & Earth harmonics.

9. Kenji Kawai | M01 謡I - Making Of Cyborg (Ghost In The Shell Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Always enchanted by the choir performance in this track; crystals in caves; focused light; Just a whisper. I hear it in my ghost.

10. Bel Canto | Die Geschichte Einer Mutter
With the exception of a few words, I do not understand the lyrics of this song but I’m listening to it for many years… Again, the Wind as travel companion; looks like someone is searching something in a field of flowers; a story creates the world that tells the story; Beauty floats over the forests and the Green is wet, friendly and amusing; traveling from the city to the countryside, always going through layers of Reality; from the stove, the Fire tells me more.

+11. Jeff Buckley | Dream Brother
Always exploring the development of this song in reverse, and so it becomes a beautiful ascension; a great display of gifts and talent; Ocean of Empathy.

+12. Won Il | 제이의 테마 (Wonderful Days Main Theme) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The timbre of Moonlight; moving fast and not moving at all; I’m not here, all of this is for you.

+13. Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke | See The Sun
Sunshine sparkling in a golden haze, a gardener's delight, dazzling, defining the ultra bright that will come.

+14. Thom Brennan | Clockworks
Flowing with Time and out of it. Up a river, the incessant clicking of hands, welcoming the continuous Present. We share the same Mystery.