WARMER MIXTAPES #1450 | by Dylan Taylor [dylan check] of Hominids

1. RicRob | Solamente Quiero Justicia
I first heard this song this year, roughly a month or so back. My connection with this track was almost immediate. I try not to draw any observing techniques from anyone else but myself, so the near and dear response I got from this track was very sincere. The elements found in this track are like treasure to me. The pure rawness of the tracks and ingredients made me appreciate the process that was taken to finish the track.

2. Tim Maia | Que Beleza
I’ll add to that with another favorite of mine at the moment. Like Steely Dan, Tim doesn't hold back the groove. Both Maturity and Pure Innocence encompass the track through its simple progression yet its complex stance in History, keeping it legendary, keeping it Timeless.

3. Stan Getz & Kenny Barron | East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon)
As a kid, I would fall asleep listening to Music. Growing up listening to Jazz, I would play whatever Jazz record I was listening to at that time. Whether it was Monk, Parker or Wheather Report, these guys provided the soundtrack for my dreams. And maybe this better explains number 5 below. People Time by Stan Getz and Kenny Barron has to be one of the best live records recorded on the planet today. One of my favorite collaborations between any two musicians. The opening track East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon) is pure bliss. Like two birds flying effortless through the air, Stan and Kenny go off, while staying out of each other's way. The most enchanting melody accompanied by some of the most heartfelt chordal voicing's you'll ever hear.

4. son.sine | Karuna
I think this track definitely defines me as a person the most. And still influences me to write Music till this day. Enough said, one of my favorite tracks of all time.

5. Saul Nieto | Freakform
For a long time the judgment was always: if the Music makes you fall asleep, it’s because it is boring. If you really rip that apart past the surface, it's the complete opposite. The Summer of 2014 I was in upstate New York staying in a cabin in the middle of the woods. At the time I was listening to this EP on repeat. Loved it, especially to fall asleep to. Thus coming to the conclusion, if it makes you fall asleep, it’s probably great.

6. dylan check | Off The Path
Gonna have to go with one of my own tracks as well. This track and the release it was apart of was, like all the Music I write, near and dear. Won’t go into details regarding some current circumstances... But it represents one of the most precious times of my life.

7. Hominids | Main Theme (Bike Chick Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Another one for the books. This track is the main theme to a short film entitled Bike Chick, in which me and one of my long time friends put the score together for. I took a recent trip to Boston in the Spring. Or should I say Winter. We were in the beginning stages of composing for the film. Under a gray blanket of of brrr and silk screen of haze, the elements all together in this track had me losing my shit. Nothing like it sonically, nothing like it musically. Gold was no longer to be found in Northern California.

8. Psilosamples | Psilo Bamba Gamma
Coming from a formal Music background and playing Live Music, I never really cared for much of the Electronic sounding Electronic Music. I liked this song because it encomposses everything I like about Music. All live instrumentation, but produced electronically. It uses the aspects I expect to hear myself, with the foundation that has inspired me throughout my entire life.

9. PARTYNEXTDOOR | West District
One time for the slap. My love for High School Auto-Tune Hip Hop jams is undeniable.

10. Teagan Taylor | Food For Thought
I always get to hear this track from a different perspective each time I listen to it. And each time I do, I’m always blown away. Its deep lyrical meaning and dense shimmering chordal progression captivate my focus time after time. One would think it is a forgotten Jazz standard dusted off, and brought back to Life... But no. The San Diego based artist continues to pump out some of the most authentic Music I’ve come across. And I’m not just saying that. Listen for yourself and experience some of the best Jazz work out today.

+11. Ximena SariƱana | Ruptura
The melody somehow streamlining my own consciousness, the lyrics, the narrative, and the overall feeling was generously priceless. A drop of Rock and Pop bliss crafted by the hand of a seasoned Blues aficionado. I reference back to this track every so often, for I never over-play this gem. For this beauty is the closer in my bullpen.