WARMER MIXTAPES #1451 | by Adam David James, Peter James Gebbie, Philip Charles Court and Nicholas George Iatridis-Jones of NYTCLUB

SIDE A | by Nicholas George Iatridis-Jones

1. Franz Ferdinand | Jacqueline 
The first track of the first album that I ever bought. I was about ten years old.

2. The Doors | People Are Strange
This track was perhaps my first realisation of how powerful lyrics can be. I can remember being played Strange Days by my dad when I was little, and how mesmerising Jim Morrison’s voice was.

3. The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
This song was the one that made me want to pick up an instrument and start playing. Who else better to idolise than the greatest of all time?

4. Sugarhill Gang | Rapper's Delight
The best bassline of all time.

5. Nirvana | Smells Like Teen Spirit
If a track could scream fuck you then this is it. Perhaps the soundtrack of my adolescence.

6. Bombay Bicycle Club | Overdone
This song takes me away to my happy place. Chilled vibe combined with Steadman’s captivating vocals are an unbelievable combination.

7. The Coral | Dreaming Of You
This record makes me proud to say I am from the Wirral.

8. The Strokes | Take It Or Leave It
The first time I ever crowd surfed was to this song. That moment will stay with me forever, magical.

9. Bad Suns | We Move Like The Ocean
I’ve never appreciated the drums as much on any song as this one, sensational.

10. Pink Floyd | Brain Damage
Haunting song, the only song to date to give me goose bumps.

SIDE B | by Adam David James

1. The Neighbourhood | Female Robbery
Since discovering this band in 2012, Female Robbery has been a real catch for me. I love the dark underground vibe, reminiscent of Lana Del Rey and this track sounds awesome live.

2. Sia | Elastic Heart (feat. The Weeknd & Diplo) (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Sia’s vocal delivery is flawless, but the main thing I love about this track is the beat and the use of samples that really locks into a groove that I can’t get enough of.

3. Miguel | Coffee
Discovered this track recently and it’s so chilled, takes me away to California.

4. Arctic Monkeys | Arabella
Alex Turner’s lyrics are second to none, but what I love is the conversational flow from line to line and Arabella tops the list for me.

5. Michael Jackson | Smooth Criminal
Michael Jackson was the man who made me want to be a musician in general. This song in particular has a badass vibe and I loved it as much as an 8 year old as I do now.

6. Prides | Out Of The Blue
I first discovered Prides opening for Foster The People at Manchester RITZ last year. This track stood out to me and I dig their new album, it’s rad.

7. Fetty Wap | Trap Queen
This song has been all over the radio recently so it’s hard to avoid, but I just have to turn it up every time it comes on.

8. Stevie Nicks | Edge Of Seventeen
My mum was a huge fan of Fleetwood Mac and subsequently Stevie Nicks, so I discovered a lot of her stuff from an early age. However, this song always reminds me of that scene from School Of Rock where Joan Cusack is served a stein!

9. Foster The People | Pumped Up Kicks
Love this band, and of course this song is just a classic. I love how Mark Foster had a choice between staying in the studio and writing a song, or walking 2 minutes 'round the corner to the beach because it was a nice day. He chose to stay and ended up writing this belter.

10. Nothing But Thieves | Itch
Listened to this on repeat when I went away with my friends to Spain for my 21st earlier this year. Was the soundtrack to Chaos!

SIDE C | by Philip Charles Court

1. Neon Trees | In The Next Room 
I come across Neon Trees as a support band in 2011 for Angels & Airwaves and they turned out to be 10x better than the band I paid to see. Tyler Glenn's energy in this song on stage wowed the whole crowd and won me over; amazing frontman, awesome band.

2. McFly | The Last Song 
Every noughties kid has had some form of McFly encounter; underrated musicians and talented songwriters. They, along with blink-182, Busted and Green Day, inspired me to pick up a guitar and drum sticks. McFly/McBusted put on an amazing show so be sure to catch one!

3. TRV$ DJ-AM | Fix Your Face 1 (from Fix Your Face mixtape, 2008)
Live set of Travis Barker with DJ AM at The Roxy and Coachella; it really is an eargasm with some of the genres and tracks that have been mixed... The drummer/DJ combo is killer and fun to play along to!

4. blink-182 | Anthem Part Two
blink's humour on The Mark, Tom, And Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!) live album first opened my eyes to bands at the age of 7 and taught me most of the curse words I know now. I'd make a point to listen to this song every New Year off my favourite blink-182 album Take Off Your Pants And Jacket... Tune!

5. Dave Matthews Band | #41 
I found the Dave Matthews Band years ago via Under The Table And Drumming - Carter Beauford sessions. His drumming techniques opened my eyes to a more relaxed style; I love playing this song in particular, so chill!

6. Rancid | Up To No Good
The Mohican has been a hairstyle I've had many times over the years, I'm Punk at heart but more open-minded musically nowadays. This song just makes me happy, I love it, the keys solo is the best, haha!

7. Hardwell & Joey Dale | Arcadia (feat. Luciana)
It's hard to keep me away from the clubs, I have to be strict with myself. Even just typing this makes me want to go; the energy of Hardwell songs is something else. Play loud... Or go to a club, stupid stampy dancing and hands up mandatory.

8. Filous | How Hard I Try (feat. James Hersey)
Tropical House has been a new love of mine and is something I keep up to date with - this is one of many on my playlist. Good vibes everywhere.

9. HIM | Passion's Killing Floor
Another of my favourite bands of all time, they're an acquired taste with their Love Metal genre, but they're awesome live and know how to write some sick songs; this being one of them. Channel your inner Goth.

10. Yelawolf | Love Is Not Enough
I've been a fan of the Alabama rapper since 2010 and this song was from that era off his iconic Trunk Muzik mixtape. One of the few rappers around with soul and feeling in their tracks and this is one of them... And no, no mention of owning Bugattis here.

SIDE D | by Peter James Gebbie

1. Gary Moore | Parisienne Walkways
One of my Dad's favourite songs, which was passed down fairly early to me. An unbelievable musician and a great song. I'll always remember sitting 'round and playing it with my Dad, brother and sister.

2. Twenty One Pilots | Car Radio
One of those songs that captivates you from the first second. Lyrically unbelievable and the way it builds is equally impressive.

3. Four Year Strong | Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)
A song written about the best summer of someone's life, and the soundtrack to the best summer of my life.

4. The Wombats | Let's Dance To Joy Division 
Local lads and the first big gig I went to back in 2008 aged 14. Seeing them live made me realise that I needed to be playing guitar in a band.

5. Jet Lag Gemini | Just Say How 
Vlad from Jet Lag Gemini is one of my favourite modern guitarists. His riffs and solos knock me over every time.

6. The Rocket Summer | Break It Out
A song that's stuck with me from one of the most talented musicians I've heard in recent years. Everything on a The Rocket Summer track is written and played by Bryce Avary and this is one of my favourites. The message of getting up and getting things done is one that has stayed with me since I first heard it.

7. All Time Low | Remembering Sunday (with Juliet Simms)
A sad song with plenty of good memories. A sunny beach/park/campfire sing-along favourite for me and my friends.

8. MGMT | Kids
All around great song and one of the first ever covers I played live. Hard to forget the conga line going 'round The Masque in Liverpool while my old band played this at our last gig.

9. Goldfinger | Superman 
One of the highlights from probably the best set I've ever seen live. Goldfinger at Slam Dunk 2015 will stick with me forever. Tipsy Ska-Punk dance/mosh pit.

10. Hands Like House | This Ain't No Place For Animals 
One of the first songs I heard from one of my favourite bands ever. I was instantly drawn in by the intricacy of all the individual parts and how so many things could possibly all work together cohesively, and it still amazes me.