WARMER MIXTAPES #1452 | by Magortu Margai [Mags]

1. Ella Fitzgerald | Misty (Johnny Mathis Cover)
I'm a real sucka for Love and Romance and this song takes me to that place. I love the effortless approach, the riffs sends shivers through my body. Probably one of my favourite songs ever by one of my major musical influences. Ella is the biz!

2. Kendrick Lamar | King Kunta 
The vibe and the Realness is on another level. The Funk is truly alive in this song. So fresh to hear Music like this in 2015. Saw him at Wireless Festival and it was crazy!!

3. Sasha Keable | Memory 
I don't know exactly what it is about this song but I just love it, I can have it on repeat for ages. I just relate to it so much. I love her voice and the flow of the way she's singing, it's something vocally I could imagine myself singing.

4. So Solid Crew | Envy (feat. Ms. Dynamite) (They Don't Know Vocal Remix)
Hmm, this song takes me back to when I was 13/14. If you didn't know Ms. Dynamite's part then you weren't about that life, haha. Whatever you had to do to learn the lyrics - you had to just DO IT!! Takes me way back to Young Man Standing under 18 raves.

5. Rihanna | Pon De Replay 
I was 15 when I first heard this song. It was on the radio and I taped it so that I could have a copy of it. I just remember hearing it and thinking woah, this is different!, her voice stood out to me and I was into the sound as a whole.

6. Marvin Gaye | If I Should Die Tonight
Man, this guy, this guy is just exceptional in so many ways. With every second of the song gracefully killing my soul with his voice... Urgh!!! If you haven't heard this song please do yourself a favour and let yourself enjoy good Music. I'm just in love with his voice, once you start you end up listening to the whole album.

7. Spice Girls | Say You'll Be There 
It's mah JAM!!! Man, I can't tell you what this song does to me, like my insides just feel all amazing and full of Girl Power. The vibes are too high on this track. I was 6/7 when it came out but I truly appreciate it even more as I've gotten older. Takes me back to when Life was just candy floss, easy homework, playing out with my friends and performing outside my grandma's house.

8. Skepta | It Ain't Safe (feat. Young Lord)
Skepta, man, Skepta is my hero... When I grow up I want to be like him, unbothered and making Music that's true to him. It Ain't Safe is a tune I bang out at least once a week, there was a point when it was just on constant repeat EVERYDAY. This track is just a lot in terms of bars and Production. When this gets played when I'm out it gets mad!!!

9. Fetty Wap | Trap Queen 
This song right here is my song right now. I listen to it in the shower, getting ready and on the move. Feel Good Music that makes me want to dance.

10. Drake | Know Yourself 
Basically the song pops, it's MAD!!! The build up is epic. Drake understands his generation.

+11. Krept & Konan | Falling
Real, deep and honest. I love this song, the piano and the all round production is something I'm into at the moment. I'm falling for you and I can't hide it no more... Hmm, DEEP, it's mad!! LOL, it just rings True.