WARMER MIXTAPES #1530 | by Gillian Saward [Jill Saward]/(Fusion Orchestra, Citizen Gang, Brandy) of Shakatak

1. Cilla Black | Alfie (Alfie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
So rich in 1960’s ambience. Her vocal edge on this typical Bacharach song is unusual and raw. The song is a work of genius and the transitions lift you bar by bar.

2. Earth, Wind & Fire | After The Love Has Gone
One of most iconic ballads ever. I do not own this record because it seems to play into my life at key moments. Whenever there is a changing point or moment of significance this song plays somewhere near me - strange.

3. The Isley Brothers | The Highways Of My Life
This track summed my life up at the time, looking at the road ahead, not knowing where to go but feeling excited at the upcoming journey.

4. Shanice | I Love Your Smile
I always associate this track with my children. The song lifts me no matter what. I recall flying back from a Japanese tour desperate to see my kids and crying whilst listening to the song.

5. Ennio Morricone | Cinema Paradiso (Cinema Paradiso Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I fell in love with the movie and the soundtrack. It is a masterpiece in both camps.

6. Stevie Wonder | Blame It On The Sun
First simple movement of this song is brilliant. This was the first time I had heard a Moog/synth sounding so melodic. The whole album is a classic.

7. The Beach Boys | God Only Knows
Genius engineering. The first album that really broke the Studio rules. Lyrically this cannot be beaten. So nice to see it revived.

8. Stevie Wonder | You And I (We Can Conquer The World)
Each time Stevie sings this you can feel his Pain and Love. When performing this live he takes it to a level that is outside of this world.

9. Minnie Riperton | Inside My Love
Such an underrated vocalist. Her sensual performance on this is so special to me. Once again the simplicity of the production creates a rare moment.

10. Grace Jones | Slave To The Ryhthm
This has to be a symbol of the 80’s for me - this track was played in every club around the World whilst I was touring. Hearing it at full volume - wow! Trevor Horn setting Pop Music production alive.