WARMER MIXTAPES #1531 | by Louis Sanghera [Sangy]

1. Future | Codeine Crazy
One day I will bump this out a diamond-plated Cadillac with a mouth full of gold teeth while bare gyal sip champers in the back. Soon come.

2. R. Kelly | Bump N' Grind
One for the gyal. If you can cook a good beans on toast and you struggle to get your jeans on holla man... I'm involved.

3. K-Lashnek-Off | All I Got
Proper UK Hip Hop, one of the first Rap albums I ever listened to from start to finish. Over 10 years old and is still as good as (if not better) than anything I've heard since. Remember downloading it from a torrent on my first ever Mac and listening to it off my Sony Ericsson K750i, with my headphones hidden up my sleeve, at the back of the classroom.

4. K-Lashnek-Off | Black Rose
Again, one of the best Hip Hop tunes of all time in my opinion. The Sagas Of... is a masterpiece. Classic stuff!

5. Marvin Gaye | Let's Get It On
Shouts to men like Marvin, another one for the gyal, but more of one you can get down to. No one makes Music like this anymore, he would defo shell down a rave nowadays.

6. Jesse James Solomon | The Ride Home
Sick tune, I always say it is a sign of good Music when you struggle to pin it down to a particular genre. Defo not a bad look when Earl Sweatshirt and Skepta are backing your wave either. Cold.

7. Spooky Black | Ur Song
Before I watched his videos I'd listened to him loads and thought he would look like André 3000, instead he's a skinny white kid who wears durags. Super talented and doesn't take himself really seriously, which I rate.

8. Chingy | Bagg Up
Used to have a copied version of Jackpot on CD that used to skip on half the songs, so I used to listen to it off the Hi-Fi in my room and sit perfectly still so as not to knock the disc. Never heard of him since, but he probably doesn't care and made mills off this, shouts to Chingy.

9. Skepta | Castles
Big tune. First tune Skepta put out that I think started his experimentation with different sounds outside of Grime, and sampling RiFF RAFF's freestyle where he plays with a snake while he spits is also a big move.

10. The Streets | Blinded By The Lights
A Grand Don't Come For Free. Whole album. If you know, you know I don't need to say anything. If you don't, go and listen for yourself. One of the best albums ever for me, Mike Skinner is a genius.