WARMER MIXTAPES #1532 | by Tom Adams

1. Sigur Rós | Glósóli
I first heard Sigur Rós when watching Later... With Jools Holland in 2006. It completely blew me away and I went out and bought three of their albums the following week.

2. Godspeed You Black Emperor! | Sleep: Murray Ostril: "...They Don't Sleep Anymore On The Beach..."/Monheim/Broken Windows, Locks Of Love Pt. III./3rd Part
GYBE! are an amazing band, I listened to the whole Lift Your Skinny Fists... album on repeat for several years. Post Rock at its finest.

3. iLiKETRAiNS | A Rook House For Bobby
For a while I was based near Leeds in England. I discovered iLiKETRAiNS there and started going to all their local shows. They were one of the first bands I heard that brought together the widescreen ambition of Post Rock with good songwriting.

4. Jeniferever | Nangijala
I saw Jeniferever playing in Leeds at the Brudenell Social Club. I bought their album at the gig and took it away on a 2 week holiday in The Faroe Islands. The Music and the landscape really made sense together and since then have been a big fan of the band. Unfortunately they seem to have stopped putting out records now.

5. M83 | Unrecorded
A friend got me into M83 when Dead Cities… came out. Until that point I was very much a guitar band kind of guy, but M83 were doing something then that I really connected with. They opened my eyes to using synth arpeggios and bass sounds. I like their more recent Pop orientated stuff too, but there is something so raw and epic about the earlier albums that is just fantastic.

6. Radiohead | Climbing Up The Walls
I am a big Radiohead fan. I love everything post Kid A, particularly In Rainbows, but growing up it was OK Computer that really hooked me. I started out playing the guitar in bands and this album really inspired me to experiment more with FX pedals and to generally dream bigger in terms of the sounds I wanted to make. Gateway drug.

7. Coldplay | Trouble
This song was my introduction to Coldplay, I heard it on the radio whilst travelling up to Scotland to go hiking. The hook kept going 'round my head for the following week, but in my mind I slowed it down a lot, when I next heard the song I was surprised by how fast it was. This made me realise there was scope for creating more Space in this kind of Music.

8. Jon Hopkins | Insides
I saw a live video of this track on YouTube and was amazed by how organic and tactile the performance was compared to a lot of other Electronic Music which feels more strictly sequence based. From then on I have been a big JH fan.

9. Kyte | IHNFSA 
These guys write incredible Pop songs, they are simple yet atmospheric and beautiful. I was absolutely obsessed with them for several years and are directly responsible for me buying my first drum machine.

10. Esbjörn Svensson Trio | From Gagarin's Point Of View
My uncle phoned me one day to say he had discovered this amazing new Jazz band called EST. We sat there and he played me a whole track over the phone. I can’t say it was the perfect way to be introduced to a band, but it worked. I love how E.S.T. approach electronics and Post Rock from a Jazz perspective.