Warmer Climes
(name inspired by the Boat Club song/Seagull-logo inspired by Shout Out Louds debut album) is a Romanian blog about the importance of being free and fascinating music. Warmer Climes aka 25-year-old Vlad Stoian works as a music journalist in Bucharest, Eastern Europe. On Warmer Climes he mostly expresses his neverending tropical needs and love tribute for Scandinavia and unique music. The blog contains rare interviews with brilliant musicians around the globe and various projects like the IMAGINARY series Warmer Mixtapes or the Q&A episodes Facts & Figures, where he calls the most amazing art creators of the moment to open their hearts in a special way and write intimate things about themselves.

Eskobar Fredrick Carlsson Bolywool Bryce Afonso Joachim Willumsen Lajven Steve Kilbey/The Church Ghost Hunter Jens Lekman Endiamonds Pinto Damon Moon And The Whispering Drifters Robert Svensson/Mixtapes And Cellmates Red Sleeping Beauty/Acid House Kings Butterflies Bones Kalle J/Karl X Johan Tomas Halberstad Sunshower Orphans Hot Casandra/Trouble Is/Go To Berlin/The Amsterdams/Kumm Cold Cave The Weather Lindstrøm MODERNLESS PATS Rafael Anton Irisarri/The Sight Below The A-Sides/Sun Airway Nicolas Makelberge Anton Kristiansson/Charlie CFCF The Brightside Suicides Lake Heartbeat Phaseone Panache The Laze Thieves Like Us Sally Shapiro/Johan Agebjörn Pallers ROOS Via Audio BANDJO Hanna Lovisa A Thousand Names/Funk Legacy/Modjo MillionYoung Suburban Kids With Biblical Names The Wagner Logic Benoît Pioulard Le Days Portrait Painter(s) Horse Shoes Dntel/James Figurine/Figurine/Strictly Ballroom/Headset/Antihouse/The Postal Service The !ntellivisionary Cut City Monogold A Sunny Day In Glasgow Air France Awesome New Republic The Van Allen Belt Samamidon/Sam Amidon The Morning Paper/Sail A Whale Leonard Kaage & The Kin Makthaverskan Teengirl Fantasy Jihae The New Waves Kuryakin Avner Amanda Zelina The Kodaks Summer Cats Horse Shoes/The Drums Tape Deck Mountain MIRRORS Northern Portrait/Champagne Riot Hammarin & Robin Meanderthals (Rune Lindbæk + Idjut Boys) Technoir MA Rikers Black Holy Tanlines/Professor Murder Stay Ali Shane Alexander Midnight Masses The Early Days Afraid Of Stairs The Depreciation Guild/The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Edwin Van Cleef Joensuu 1685 Fear Of Tigers Friday Bridge Parker Lewis Desmond & The Tutus Cough Cool/Blackhawks/Nude Beach Coralcola Ishivu Channel In Channel Out Hear Hums Eleanor Seabird thrifty astronaut Swedish For Beginners Taken By Trees/The Concretes The Hairs/Cowards/Knight School Simpático/Sweet William/Other People's Children/Luxury Gap/Par Avion/Mist & Sea/School Of Two/Pretty Boy Crossover/Panoptique Electrical WILDLIFE! Airport Angst prds Tears Run Rings/The Autocollants/Evening Lights/Monterey Brob Ront Experiment The Bilinda Butchers The Talking Two Dazzle Ships Hideous Men Fiveng RxRy Brusque Twins This Is Head Friend Hard Mix MINKS The Embassy/The Crêpes Astro Psychobuildings/Silk Flowers Visions Of Trees Saloon/Arthur And Martha Elika Young Galaxy Barretso Biker Boy the cq This Final Frame Kites Sail High District Columbia Tqqundo Frrrrr Obsidian Pond/Leveret Mathemagic Joel Alme/Spring In Paris/Hästpojken Robot Koch/Jahcoozi Water Borders/Didi Mao/Late Young Universal Studios Florida Knuckles OK Go Myles Cooper Jay-Jay Johanson The Honeydrips/Dorotea Gentle Touch The Phantom's Revenge Coma Cinema/Persona La Ave/The September 11ths Owl Vision Lead Balloons/Golden Glow The Young Friends The Concretes/Milberg Nervous Nellie Electric Sunset/Drone Ranger/Desolation Wilderness Amanda Palmer/The Dresden Dolls/Evelyn Evelyn The Bridal Shop/Sunday Forever Phillip Oskar Augustin Poka/Fairlight/Stella Starz Luna Is Honey Baths Overthrill Verious Jeremy Jay Former Ghosts/This Song Is A Mess But So Am I Soft Metals Spirituals Liquid Days Ghost Wave not an Airplane Teen Daze Elite Gymnastics Liquid Vega Signals/The Mae Shi Mark McGuire/Emeralds/DJ Road Chief/Sun Watcher/Skyramps/Amazing Births/Free Time Las Robertas Kevin Greenspon Vehicle Blues BYODeath In-Flight Safety Florene Detectives Salvajes Captain Ahab Brothertiger The Super Vacations Ruckus Roboticus Justin Faust Languis/Psychic Powers/Pharaohs Bear Driver Low Sea Gem Club La Big Vic Motorama Dan Mangan Coltrane Motion Prince Rama PVT/Pivot Erik De Vahl Splash Wave Laurel Halo Wild Moccasins Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Boat Club/IKONS/Citylights
Welcome Back SailorsThe CarbunclesPrizesLost Boy?CosimoLe Futur Pompiste/Burning HeartsBodebrixenKite ClubThe Gaa Gaa'sMontgomery Clunk/ContorsionistYoung LiarsAudience/Since 1902Foxes In FictionFort FairfieldHoly FamilyPower AnimalFlash PalaceDUZHEKNEWSoft CatThe Present MomentAutre Ne VeutLAY BACClubfeet+Blissed Out+Jef BarbaraYellow OstrichTeenage ReverbRoman Photos/Feast Of VioletBaronDetachmentsKeith Canisius/RumskibDCLXVI§Plastic FlowersA Swarm Of The SunViddernaThe Magician/AeroplaneSlow Dancing SocietyGrand TrineMissy Mazzoli/VictoireWESTKUSTJóvenes Y Sexys/Algodón EgipcioALTAR EAGLE/The North SeaAtlas YoungScott ChurchmanDannielRadallNot SquaresPeter Morén/Tutankamon/Peter Bjorn And JohnTime WharpFlight FacilitiesNeon Vision/Drumatix SixThe SuperimposersWaskerley WayA Band Called QuinnLittle Silver TabbyDiamond Rings/The D’UrbervillesɅPink Priest/Gremlynz/Malibu WandsSigheto/School Of Seven BellsShout Out Louds/Tutankamon/SerenadesEvan Voytasle VeritaDead Leaf Echolate lightPorcelain Raftf4690t/ponyboy/___N___Heavy Hawaii/Fantastic MagicHuman ResourcesMutual BenefitTeaadora NikolovaAzure Blue/Laurel Music/IreneIlya SantanaRodionTallin DaggersVoxhaul BroadcastMy Little PonyWonder BearKeep Shelly In AthensSoda Shop/SelebritiesSumsun✝NO VIRGIN✝The Miracles ClubMondo TeenoM△S▴C△RAWalls/Allez-Allez/SnoretexThe Pillars Of CreationFAUXMUSICAApollo RunSolar BearsThe StillsYoung MagicParty GirlTrouble Is/Go To BerlinDirty BeachesChristian KjellvanderBorusiade/Hector/StereonucleoseKyle AndrewsPat ParraDark ColourToro Y MoiSouthern ShoresworriedaboutsatanKeenhouseVelella VelellaUlrich Schnauss/A Shoreline Dream/Long-View/EngineersPenguin PrisonBikiniMoullinexYAWNMatthew Joel/Bank HeistSun AngelsNebulosa/The AmsterdamsBranchesp e a c e FIRETeddiedrumWolf GangThe Go! TeamAdventureBear HandsI'm From BarcelonaWorld TourHoly SpiritsVektordrum/VEKTROIDHermanos InglesosAustin Cesear/Chocobo/Range RoverRelative/YallayaffairU.S. RoyaltyBen Butler & MousepadAeroplaneFuturecop!Harald BjörkWilly JoyAeromaschineSymbolOneGrouploveSvala/Scope/Bubbleflies/Steed LordJack CampbellHatchbackRed Rack'Em/Hot CoinsJay BrannanTurbotito/Guns 'n' Bombs/The Hammers/Djosos Krost/Ludo X/Ima Robot/Paradise Boys/The Calculators/PoolsideMonster PawsSons Of RicoThis Vision1000 NamesKid CounselorBOY MTN/Wayne WaterOmebi/Telepathik Friend/OS OVNIMonsieur AdiHissy Fit/Port CityDowntown Party NetworkBNJMNAlexis Blair PenneyRedondo BeachMy Panda Shall FlySalvaAnus Against NatureGhibli/Jaded Hipster ChoirBoxcutterChristoph Anderssond'Eonwait whatLove DistanceObey CityHiawata!Tiger LoveWork DrugsRocco RaimundoPennan BraeGamble & BurkeJimmy EdgarCosy Mozzy/MustangLe PrixHaules BaulesHyetalShisaHleger/Le Elbow/Tjut Dream§WhoMadeWhoHigh PlacesGigamesh/DiscoTech/Señor StereoFranz Ferdinand/Box CodaxVakulaJeremy GlennMontt Mardié/MontyMontaukFish Go DeepBeaumontCourtshipHoneydrumLovebirdsTysonAlamedaSNEAKPEEKLuisterwaarFallulahLady LazarusRaadselKijk Een SterTimes New Viking


"He is a connoisseur of things good here in Life. He has the sensibility of a poet, a magician of words - he makes meaning out of meaninglessness. An Eastern lantern, lighting up dark places for us all, especially during Christmas!!" (Nicolas Makelberge)

"This shit is tight as fuck!" (Carl Miller)

"I never read blogs serious until I found Warmer Climes..." (Matthew Gallagher of Wax Monsters and Whitey & The Cadillac Franks)

"The site is aesthetically brilliant, and the calibre of artists involved is breath taking." (Sam Knowles aka Karma Kid of Olive Lian)

" (Shir Khan of Exploited Records)

"What he is doing is very cool." (Seth Hubbard of Polyvinyl Records)

"A really enthusiast blogger!" (Vito De Luca aka Aeroplane)

"...The dynamic and dare I say temperamental Warmer Climes' Vlad Stoian..." (Jesse Kivel of Kisses)

"This blog is probably the best music blog on the planet. I'm surprised I haven't come across it before." (Jordon Saxton aka Viers)

"He's a true hero. Loving the blog, man. Think he has a lot of passion and style. Much love and respect." (Chris Davids of Maribou State)

"Warmer Climes is about connecting with real people who give a shit. Vlad is passionate about music and musicians of all kinds. No one's too big or too small. They are real to him... And that goes a long way." (Matthew Joseph Kamm of TELETHON)

"People need to read these kinds of blogs! So rare..." (Ant Pomponio of S U R F I N G and Cadillac)

"I'm just stoked that he gave us this opportunity and I'm so pleased to be asked to be a part of such a cool site, cool idea, and cool person." (Justin Sweatt of Xander Harris)

"He's a man with a heart... With a soul... He's a real man... The little angel from Romania!" (Malcolm Dakeyo aka Kelton Prima)

"I am very impressed by his involvement, style and verve." (Christian Fuchs of Bunny Lake)

"It has to take willing martyrs like him to suffer for the rest of us so we can really figure out what matters in the contemporary music atmosphere." (William Sarradet of Count Backwards)

"The first snowflakes that fell over Bucharest caught me working on something really special for the Warmer Climes blog. It's a cool idea! I have to create an imaginary mixtape with my top 10 personal favourite songs and write a couple of words about each and every one of them. It's sooo hard to decide on only 10 songs, but it's nice to be part of this game together with so many talented artists such as Franz Ferdinand, Starfucker and Sally Shapiro. Which would be your top 10 favourite songs??" (Viky Red)

"I think this is innovative as hell!! A very smart blog." (Ben Miller aka WasabeWan/AUD1 of Silk Stress)

"SO excited and honored to be a part of this incredibly inventive series!" (ONTHE88)

"I totally love the blog and the concept. It's beautiful, personal, and meaningful." (Zevi W. aka Babes)

"He's an honest person. I respect his views a lot." (Rameses Booth aka Rameses B)

"Vlad Stoian, best blogger in East Europe." (Nicholas Harrison of Scenic)

"Looks so crisp & professional. It's art!" (Pennan Brae)

"He seems to have a great understanding for music & art." (Jens Duvsjö aka Duvchi)

"A gentleman and a scholar... The incomparable Vlad Stoian put me up on his blog." (Dan Melchior)

"Vlad Stoian is the Klaus Kinski of the indie world!..." (Johan Harlén of Emotion Records)

"Impressive work, a real difference!" (Marius Våreid of Ytre Rymden Dansskola)

"I found his blog from halfway around the World!... So he must be doing something right." (Jacob Andrew McPherson of Pulp Lab)

"It took sometime but after a lot of thought it came to me that if someone is listening to my music then they want to know what the background behind me as an artist is and what drives me to create music. Massive respect for everything he's doing... He's subtly helping unheard artists such as myself whilst at the same time expressing his passion for music and its meaning. Vlad is helping people to realise dreams in such a way, that not even he realises what he is doing." (James Rice aka Stompbox)

"Vlad has a very credible blog here, with an excellent set of previous mixtapes, worth doing!" (James Parrish of Prescription PR)

"Looks like he put a lot of work into this, fascinating..." (Ben Shenton aka The Main Stem)

"This is so awesome!!! I love the design!!! It's perfect Pop Art!... Follow Warmer Climes for the finest collection of Indie Pop music and Indie Pop Art! Go for the mix tapes, stay for the aesthetic!" (Marc Louis Cantone of The City And Horses)

"I appreciate him spreading all of this music (I don't just mean mine; it's very cool that he put so much effort into getting people heard... I think that the only thing musicians really have to talk about is music, and I dig that he gives them a space to do that)..." (Jolan Lewis aka Temple Songs)

"He gave my message the right transcription! A perfect story! Since John Peel, there seemed to be no further music jounalists with that great passion in music. But he is one of them! He can ascend his throne!" (Bernhard Mueller aka the boy called hedge of $chwarzer Freitag)

"What he's doing is art. All these other motherfuckers are just writing what they think, but he's writing what the artist think. He's not a taste maker. He's a taste presenter. The way music should be shown. I'm going to promote the fuck out of his blog." (James Miller Krištofik aka Body Cheetah/Father Longlegs)

"Vlad is a Romanian boy filled with melancholy and longings for sunny days and comforting places. He runs a very unique website/blog - Warmer Climes - where he asks musicians (independent, mainstream, known, unknown and everything in between) to name their favourite songs. All the 'mixtapes' are surrounded by pretty images of beaches, islands, swimming pools, boys in swimming suits... The design and graphic composition of the page is extremely beautiful and coherent. Every time I go there, I feel like I'm transported to his universe of vibrant colors, good music and endless sunny days." (Felipe Brandalise of Chaotisch Und Charmant)

"As you can see, my concept for Collected Genius is an almost complete rip-off of Warmer Climes, the main difference being our site won't be gay. I'm dog tired of sites with a bunch of navbars and links and intricate designs that give you a headache, and detract the focus from the main event, which should be the content itself. On the Warmer Climes site, all the site design effort has instead gone into the actual content - the images and videos and text and fonts. He takes time to come up with real good-looking, high-resolution images, and instead of just using the stock blog titles, he integrates each post title into the actual image itself. I think that instead of paying some dude to make us a fancy site and then uploading some 44kb pic for each post, we should keep the actual site bare bones and spend that time and, if necessary, money, on making real well-shot or well-drawn high-quality images for each post, as if we were going to use them for 12-inch covers. That way the focus remains on the work we put out, and people will actually want to hold on the images, right-click and keep them, and we can use them for single artwork, use them in all our promotions. See how that guy makes big images out of song lyrics? That's the kind of shit we could be doing to bring attention to this genius shit we write." (Collected Genius)

"Maybe it’s the trippy contrast of yellow dayglo and baby blue, but there’s something intriguing about the New LoFi. With solid content and a magazine-esque aesthetic, this blog never fails to deliver on covering new and notable unsigned bands, djs, and producers. Blogs with similar missions worth looking into are Gotta Dance Dirty and Warmer Climes. The common theme of all these publications is the discovery of great music to help you chill out and dance, perfect for the weekend." (Pulplab)

"That's what makes the World bad: Everyone is sad or fake happy. It generates a bad global environment. But the people on his blog all seem so interesting. They appeal to me. They make me wonder what they see in their lives. I hate the blogosphere. It's just all For-A-Day based. It's like every other blog is just interested in the action of the person. Not the thought behind it. Not the person. It's all just HEY, YOU WILL LIKE THIS BECAUSE IF YOU ARE LOOKING AT MY BLOG THIS IS PROBABLY MOST ACCESSIBLE TO YOU. Not HEY, YOU COULD LEARN SOMETHING FOR ONCE." (Beau Dreamm)

"WOOOOOWWWWW! I'm looking through this and it's EXCELLENT! His blog is absolutely marvellous. I'll be sure to promote him! If I ever have a release that I'd like promoted a little bit, I'll be sure to let him know. He should keep doing what he's doing, because he's REALLY GOOD at it." (Thomas Schoolcraft aka Schoolcraft)

"It's one of the coolest ideas I have seen in a very long time!" (James Hand aka ▲❏l❍❏▼❏❍l❏▲)

"In this modern age of intangibility, where every moment is captured and shared in bursts and blurbs, nothing could be more relevant than Warmer Climes." (Christian Church)

"They should do a documentary about him. I just think that journalists or whatever that is really passionate and interested in the topic that they're writing about are great. Journalists that do a lot of research..." (Tobias Gerhardsson of World Tour)

"Really love what he's doing. Great work!" (Cam Merton of Hidden Shoal Recordings)

"After a good amount of perusal, I can honestly say that his website is one of the coolest things I have seen on the Internet. I think that he had tapped into something that could be the future of music journalism." (Doug Kaplan of The Earth Is A Man)

"I really love his idea. I think it's great and personal and actually MEANS something, compared to so much of the bullshit that's out there." (PLAENS)

"I feel this to be a special privilege being on his blog and hope I can continue to inspire his musical dreams in the future." (Jeremy Glenn)

"I was privileged enough to be featured on Warmer Climes." (Rocco Raimundo)

"So honored to be a part of this legendary series!" (Willy Joy)

"This is awesome! I like the art and type he did. Imaginary mixtape series. Peep this cool blog!" (Salva)

"Most impressive blog I've seen in a while." (Abel)

"Warmer Climes is a great project and I am thrilled he wanted me to be involved." (William Yates aka Memotone)

"Marvellous! Amazing! Wonderful effort... It was such a nice thing to be asked to do and we really did enjoy it a lot! It's really nice to be able to talk about the songs in that way, and he clearly put much effort into the blog, it looks great!" (Shake Aletti)

"The super cool 'top 10 songs' blog!" (Gamble & Burke)

"Looks damn good!" (The Cyclist)

"Really enjoyable concept and really made me have to think. Blog is looking very good!" (Adam Wickens aka ∆dmin)

"I love his approach on getting to know artists. The best way to understand people's music is getting to know their roots." (Austyn Sullivan)

"I'm very glad about this, as I always wanted to be on Warmer Climes since discovered it a time back, posts looks beautiful and love all colors and typography..." (Le Prix)

"Love this concept. It's very cool. And his blog seems to be THE ONE on the net!" (Berou)

"His idea is for now one of the most original and friendly I saw by far." (Pyramid)

"I really appreciate everything... He's the shit!" (Shisa)

"Big fan of his stuff... More people should have such compassion for music as him." (Hleger)

"It was a big pleasure to do this..." (Jeppe Kjellberg of WhoMadeWho)

"Blog looks great!" (Brenmar)

"I thank him very much for this exclusive original idea! I felt love all over it when I made my tracklist!" (Luisterwaar)

"Very nice blog..." (Mustang)

"Quite an impressive collection!" (Lovebirds)

"I think it looks great." (Boxcutter)

"One of my favorite blogs around..." (Christoph Andersson)

"Wow! This is incredible! The graphics and colours are incredible. He has a great talent. Amazing, wonderful and inspiring!" (My Panda Shall Fly)

"Once again: Really lovin' the blog, gives me warm feelin'! The graphic thing is mega! He's quite on point with what he's doing!!!" (Margarit Aleksiev of 1000 Names)

"Blogs aren’t usually interesting, but in its run-down, Eastern European exile, Warmer Climes seems like Chillwave’s only shot at ever being anything approaching a political gesture." (Kev Kharas of VICE)

"A blogger that seems to exist on this planet only for the love of music and what it does to his soul. He’s one of the more interesting/passionate/scary forces within the music blogosphere." (Richard Thane of The Line Of Best Fit)

"A brilliant idea!... A perfect dialogue between reader and writer." (Fredrik Lindson of The Crêpes and The Embassy)

"His blog is really awesome and passionate and filled with beautiful expressions and photos and artists. It's so amazing that even though he feels so far from so much... He is actually quite connected to almost everything, and he is doing it in a great way." (Tim Fletcher of The Stills)

"How did he work to get all those people involved in the Loredana remix record? I know he has the energy to lift a mountain - and he is also absolutely nuts, hehe - but really. It's impressive. And Pitchfork did a piece on 'Rain Rain Remixed'?! That's fab." (Tobias Isaksson of Azure Blue and Irene)

"It's a great track from a great compilation—Makelberge's interpretation is one of 50 (fifty!) featured on Rain Rain Remixed, curated by Warmer Climes figurehead/hero Vlad Stoian." (RCRD LBL)

"Brutally honest yet a bit vulnerable and truthful. It's a rare thing, you know?..." (Cascine Records/Freeman PR)

"Vlad... The most balearic guy in Eastern Europe!" (Saulty of Downtown Party Network)

"Vlad is a legend, so enthusiastic!" (Nicholas Futcher of Kite Club)

"Bringing warmness and a semblance of hope/heart back into music and musicians... Forget cool and distant and fashionable, here is Warmer Climes." (Jason Sweeney of Panoptique Electrical)

"It's a great honour to be in one of the most honest and kindest blogs out there and his support means a lot to us." (affair)

"Seems like a sweet, small world of friends who enjoy great music." (Aaron Neveu of The GQ)

"If you enjoy that clean-cut, minimalist blog, then Warmer Climes should be bookmarked on your computer. This blogger keeps you interested by posting beautiful pictures, (interesting) interviews, and groovin' mixtapes. All of three of these media outlets that the blogger posts somehow express a unique sense of freedom. It's really a good experience every time I visit this blog." (Luke Goddard of The Blue Indian)

If you have seen The Virgin Suicides remember the scene where the boys and girls are calling each other and playing records for each other.
Do you remember it?

This is what WARMER CLIMES is about!